Some of the easiest plants to grow are the hardy succulents and sedum here in my Ohio garden. I am in zone 6 and love to plant the succulents that survive outside in the winter snows and temperatures that can go below 0°F. I have written several posts about these plants that I currently grow and also some that I would like to have in my garden or hypertufa planters.

A succulent plant is drought tolerant and this makes it a desirable plant in today’s garden. It won’t need much supplemental watering and will most likely be OK for any vacation period. And rains can keep it doing well. During a prolonged drought, it may need a little attention.

Succulents and sedum - Drought tolerant beauties

Succulents and Sedum – Easy to Grow

I try to acquire only the hardy succulents that I can leave outside all winter, but since I am so easily enticed by a pretty color or shape or leaf, I occasionally get one that isn’t hardy. I have it spend the summer outdoors and then bring it inside for the winter.

I have found that glass terrariums are perfect for this even though, at first thought, one wouldn’t think so. But since the plant takes advantage of a lot of light in a terrarium, the succulents and sedum have grown really well for me.

I am cautious about the amount of water I apply. But since they need very little and shouldn’t be watered during their dormant winter period, these succulents and sedum are easy to grow inside. Be sure they are cleaned of all critters before bringing them inside!

Crassula Watch Chain - The Hypertufa Gardener

The best website for identifying succulents and sedum is at World of Succulents. They have wonderful photos and a lot of information about each plant. Check them out.



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Here is a link to Amazon if you would like to check out some succulents. I am an affiliate and can earn a commission if you make a purchase. And I will spend it buying more succulents or another bag of Portland cement! Do I need therapy?