Growing succulents in glass for winter

Growing Succulents In Terrariums -Time To Go Outside!

It’s warm enough to bring all my tender succulents outside.

I always worry about this time of the year, because it starts to warm up, but still has cooler nights, sometimes as low as the 40s, so I never know when to bring everything out  I have had a lot of tender succulents inside this past winter as I wrote about in this post.  And they have grown too well!  I plan to do the same next year. Now I just have to replant into some hypertufa containers to spend this summer outdoors.  I am zone 6 , so only the most hardy succulents and sedum here can survive the winter.

Growing Succulents

So in the last ten days or so, I have been busy getting my plants all carried outside and hoping that there is no sudden decrease in the temps overnight.

So what are my results and conclusions?

Growing succulents in a terrarium works perfectly! 

I felt so proud of my plants all during the winter. They were pretty, easy to take care of, and they all have grown so much! I have a lot to put out this spring, believe me.

And I will do it again next winter……yes, I sure will.

Succulents in terrarium

I seemed to have accumulated a LOT of Sedum morganianum or Donkey tail since each little break-off gives me a new plant. How do you handle that plant without ending up with all the little “beans” dropping off? 

I have a few of the Grapetopetalum paraguayense or Ghost Plant and the Portulacaria afra or Elephant Bush. I have Crassula pellucida or Calico Kitten and Crassula muscosa or Watch Chain ( tons of Watch Chain).

Growing Succulents in glass

I think I will try the cascading ones in a bird cage planter?   And the elephant bush must be in the bird cage too. It will droop nicely.  More about that in another post.

I brought all of my containers together, and decided to start with the ghost plant was potted up nicely in a small hypertufa planter on a pedestal. I think this will go nicely with its cascading look. What do you think?

Planting up tender succulents

I also had my Helxine soleirolii or Baby Tears to transplant too! I have so much of them now. I am anxious to see how they will do in the shade garden. So the Baby Tears have joined a little Mouse Ear Hosta in my hypertufa bowl.

Baby Tears in Teapot

And I think it is going to look really great. The shade garden is really getting huge. And I am planning a huge trough here! Watch for a new post on that one!

Teapot Baby Tears transplanted


What did you winter over? Have you had problems? What about showing us some photos of yours over on the Facebook Page. I know I would like some new ideas.

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