A Succulent Garden

An easy garden is the best garden.

A succulent garden surely is one of the easiest types of  gardens. These plants can be neglected but still continue to thrive. Succulents are just made that way.

A Succulent Garden in Hypertufa

I do love all kinds of plants and flowers, but I have a special fondness for a succulent garden. Of course, since I love making hypertufa pots, bowls, troughs, and all kinds of containers, it is just a match made in heaven.

Succulents and sedum don’t need really deep planters so a shallow bowl or trough is perfectly fine for their needs. And when they multiply and spread throughout the container, it is really a pleasure to see how beautiful they can get.

Drought Worthy Plants - The Succulent Garden

Don’t think you will only be able to have green plants.

Succulents are colorful and change with the season. They bloom with wonderful pinks, whites, yellows and many more variations. If you are in an area where succulents can be outside all year, the colors are even more spectacular.

Nature has designed a succulent to take advantage of all available moisture from the air and the soil around it and store that moisture in the leaves and stems of the plant. These plants are perfect if you are wanting or needing an easy garden.

Hens and Chicks Large - The Hypertufa Gardener

I can plant up a garden trough in the summer full of these succulents and place it in the garden and possibly never do anything else for the whole season. Most can survive on just the rainfall unless there are extended periods with no rain. Even then, a good watering will last them for weeks.

And textures, forms, various sizes from tiny to tall…..the sky is the limit.

The Succulent

Since water conservation is a big concern across the nation, these plants offer a solution while still offering color and texture and form. And going away on vacation?  Not a problem. These plants are wonderful at taking care of themselves.

Twins in the Succulent Garden

Now there are hardy succulents and tender succulents, so you would choose what is right for your zone and site. I like to deal mostly with the hardy ones here in zone 6 in Ohio.

I have recently been bringing tender ones inside and attempting to provide the correct amount of bright light for them to survive inside over winter.  However, there are some that I just can’t resist buying like calico kitten, donkey tail, mother of thousands, elephant bush and a few more. Those will definitely need to come inside in the winter or remain inside as a regular house plant.

Tender Succulents - The Hypertufa Gardener

Do you grow succulents? Try it and you may find that you really like them.







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