10 Easy Succulent Plants To Grow This Year

10 Easy Succulent Plants To Grow

Who isn’t looking for easy?

I am really in to succulents plants, so those words “easy succulents plants” are almost redundant to me. Succulent plants are made to store water and use it wisely as we all should anyway. So it helps to plant and use these types of foliage plants for our advantage. And don’t think you have to go without flowers ! Or color!

Depending on the season or the temperatures or the level of stress these plants are under, the colors seem limitless. You can see what I mean in some of my posts about my easy succulent and sedum plants.

There are so many more succulents that I don’t have  ( who has them all?) but I am expanding every season.  I live in Ohio which is Zone 6 so I prefer hardy plants that can remain outside in my hypertufa containers. But I do bring some inside. Especially when they have done such a good job all summer on the deck or patio, I just don’t have the heart to let them freeze to death.

image of various succulents

Here are links to my posts for some of the succulents that I have. They are listed in no particular order because I could not bear to list #1 and then make #10 feel bad. ( And probably shrivel up and die.)  I like working with hardy succulents since they are planted in my hypertufa planters and are outside all winter long. But two of these are not hardy for me and I have marked them with an asterisk.

Sedum “Sea Urchin”        Where Do I Grow Sedum “Sea Urchin?”

Sempervivums                    Sempervivums ! What’s Going On?

Sedum hispanicum         Plant Pick: Sedum hispanicum minus Purple Form

Rosularia                              Plant Pick: Rosularia

Sedum sexangulare       Sedum sexangulare – Fine Hypertufa Plant

Sedum spurium “John Creech”   Plant Pick: Sedum spurium “John Creech”

Sedum “Coral Carpet”  Plant Pick: Sedum “Coral Carpet”

Sempervivum arachnoideum    Sempervivum Arachnoideum – Love Those Cobwebs

Crassula muscosa*          Under the Sea: Crassula Muscosa in My Succulent Terrarium

Portulacaria afra *           Plant Pick: Portulacaria afra

*These are NOT hardy in my zone 6 in Ohio, USA. I bring them indoors over winter. It has worked best for me to keep them in glass OPEN terrarium. See the post above on Crassula muscosa as an example. I have so much of this to put outside this summer. It grows so well!

I hope you like this list of easy succulent plants and will try some of these plants. I LOVE my succulents and hope I have many more this year!

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