Created before The Hypertufa Gardener, I have a YouTube Channel called Kim’s Gardens.

I have filmed a lot of making and creating hypertufa pots and planters, but there are also cooking and recipes and a few films of family too! Check those out too!

Deeply indented sides on hypertufa planter

I have made quite a few videos on making hypertufa planters, bowls, hanging pots, etc.  I have many videos about my draped hypertufa planters there also, including the ones here on the posts.

I have also made some videos for the recipes and crafts and activities from my other posts, so feel free to explore and find something you like. I try to keep the videos fairly short so that you can watch them quickly since we are all on the run these days.

Here are a couple of  links . Click and be directed to the video. ( I was experimenting at getting really creative. Or maybe it was two glasses of wine that evening.)

~~~~~Click on the iPhone to watch the videos.~~~~~

cover photo for youtube video on shamrock planter

small bunny Hypertufa-Easter-Baskets on YouTube

video on how to make Hypertufa pumpkins on YouTube

vidoe cover on making Styrofoam Planter from The Hypertufa Gardener


My Equipment for Making my Videos.

Just in case you are curious about my frugal equipment


You know I am frugal and that stays the same even when I am making photos for my blog. Granted, one day I may decide to upgrade to a bigger and better camera. But for now, this is what I use.

My phone camera

I have the iPhone 13 Pro. This works for filming easily and it is always at hand. 

My other camera

It is a Canon EOS M50 and this works for photos and videos.

I recently got some tripods, the short one for table top and a taller one for videos that I need in place of a person doing it for me.

Software, the biggest expense

Previously I used Sony Vegas Pro, but have switched to Davinci Resolve. It keeps updating and so I have almost everything I need for my videos. It was hard to use at first, but I learned it after much trial and error. 

I  have dual monitors on my computer set up so that I can listen/read/make changes while looking at two screens instead of toggling between tabs. ( I confess that I do have many tabs open anyway…on both.)  I know my son had a different graphics card in my computer, but most have a dual port anyway if you would like to hook up two monitors.

dual monitors used by hypertufa gardener to edit videos