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10+ Best Gifts for Houseplant Lovers

Since we are approaching the gift giving season, and Cyber Monday is almost here,  I thought I could help my whole family if I let them know what some of my best Wishes…
small cactus pups

Planting Cactus Pups in Small Tufa Pots- OUCH!

Cacti and their pups are fascinating and low-maintenance plants that have gained immense popularity among indoor and outdoor gardeners alike. Their unique appearance, resilience, and ability to thrive in arid conditions make them…
How to make a Hypertufa Halloween Skull

Scary Sight! A Halloween Skull From Hypertufa!

For some reason (wink, wink), I keep my eye out for special shapes and molds to make interesting hypertufa projects for any Holiday occurring throughout the year. I have made several, such as…