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image of shopping at thrift store

Choosing Hypertufa Molds – Where Do I Find Them?

Many times over in our Facebook Group for the Hypertufa Gardener we discuss how and where we choose our hypertufa molds and containers, those containers that we make our hypertufa pots either inside…
clary sage or salvia viridis

Plant Pick – Salvia viridis or Clary Sage

Lovely veining? Stained-glass-window look? No matter what makes you fall in love with this foliage plant, it is breathtaking, backlit and glowing in morning sunlight. This is an old-fashioned plant which is great…
Choosing Plants for Hypertufa Planters

Choosing Plants For Hypertufa Planters

What are some of the plants that I have been choosing for hypertufa planters? Well, there is not just ONE that I love, so I will try and make a series of suggestions…