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growth branches on African Milk Tree

Follow Up: African Milk Tree and Old Jade Plant

So many inquiries have come through my YouTube channel, Kim’s Gardens, asking about my African Milk Tree Plant and also about the Old Jade Plant that developed “stem rot” or whatever. Each of…
Yellow blooming sedum in hypertufa

Growing & Blooming Plants in Hypertufa Containers

Container gardening has become a popular way for gardening enthusiasts to bring the beauty of blooming plants into small spaces, patios, and even indoors. Among the myriad of container options, hypertufa containers stand…
Messy garden shed bench

Cleaning and Organizing My Garden Shed

Base on my habit of procrastinating, I am long over due for a good cleaning of my garden shed. I realized the other day when I was going to prune off some old…
daffodils with brown buds

Do My Daffodils Have Bud Blast?

I had some daffodils that did not bloom this year. They developed buds. but as I watched and waited, those buds turned papery brown and then never did anything else. Opening one of…