So Colorful Sedums in Hypertufa pots

Oh So Colorful Sedums!

Yes, such colorful sedums. In the late summer and fall, when the cooler weather begins here in Ohio, the sedum takes on such wonderful colors. There are many that bloom during the late summer and fall, such as Sedum “Autumn Joy” and Sedum “Vera Jamison” and these are so pretty with the shades of pink, vivid deep pink, and then changing to a rusty orange-brown which lasts into the winter. Birds love to sit perched on the dried seed heads poking through the frost and snow.

Colorful Sedums in Fall

The trailing habit of the Sedum “Vera Jamison” is lovely as it falls over the edge of planters. It has a bright color against its purplish stems and gray-green leaves. And this variety is so easy to grow.

photo of VeraJamisonBuds

I have a lot of Sedum spurium “Voodoo” but this one of mine is not in bloom at the present time. Maybe it is because I have moved and transplanted so many times. I have it paired with Sedum rupestre “Angelina” in this hypertufa container.

The angelina will gradually turn more and more orange into the cooler weather. It must be trying to match the autumn leaves.

photo of sedum voodoo and angelina
photo of Angelina Basket

All the succulents and sedum in your garden will attract butterflies, bumblebees, honeybees, hummingbirds and all kinds of pollinators. I have found many almost drowsily sitting on the blossoms and drinking in the nectar. I can take a picture up close and personal and it is like they’re so intoxicated, they don’t mind how close you get. These blossoms start out looking like a head of cauliflower or broccoli, and then morph into a nosegay of pretty dainty blossoms. The blossoms of the sempervivum look like little stars, some yellow and some pink. But those are also covered in bees and butterflies.

photo of butterfly on sedum

So if you choose to have succulents and colorful sedums as plants in your garden, you will still get a lot of color and contrast. I have a lot blooming all spring and summer, including the perennials I have in the ground, and all the containers I have. And I have way too many. But I can’t help myself. I just want to make more and more hypertufa. As easy as these plants are to propagate, I don’t see any reason to stop!

How are your colors in the garden this mid-September day?

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