Flower meanings

10 Flower Meanings & What They Symbolize

Floriography – the Language of Flower Meanings Flowers have always had a symbolic meaning and we still connect some of those old ideas with flowers in the modern age. It goes back to very old times…
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Persian shield

Persian Shield – That Pretty Purple Plant

Its name is Strobilanthes dyeriana “Persian Shield” and it is such a stunning color in your garden or containers. Be ready with that name because you will be asked time and time again. This  beautiful plant…
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Styrofoam Planter - Looks like Hypertufa

Don’t Throw Away That Old Styrofoam Box!

Yes, there is another alternative for new garden planters. The next time you see a Styrofoam box being discarded, don’t let it go to the local landfill. Rescue it! Make a new and different garden planter! …
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blooming spirea bush

Saying Goodbye To My Garden

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Changes are coming in my life and the life of my family. If you don’t already know, my husband and I live with my daughter…