How About Making A Hypertufa Crevice Garden?

Easy to take care of? Not much watering needed? Sounds like an ideal garden for a busy lifestyle right? So that is why I have decided to make one of my latest hypertufa pots into a small crevice garden. I was contemplating all the succulent planter ideas I could come up with and I realized…

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Semps and Hens and Chicks…Oh My!

It’s halfway through August! How has the summer passed by so swiftly? The Sedum “Autumn Joy” is so full of its green buds and I will welcome the pinkish tinge which will be developing, but I don’t want the summer to be over yet. I haven’t even gone on vacation!  But who am I kidding?…

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Check Out That Shape!

Recently, I ran across this plastic planter at a garage sale. This was an especially nice shape to use as a hypertufa mold made of a hard resin-type material and would have made a nice planter on its own. But it is WONDERFUL as a large hypertufa mold for a trough. And I have found…