Hypertufa Easter Basket Planters

Hypertufa Easter Basket Planters – And Eggs Too!

Easter is on its way and I am planning a dinner and wishing an almost-fifteen-year-old still wanted to color eggs with me. I have a lot of great memories, though.  I loved that fun together and looked forward to it every year. But he is a “teen” now and goes around with headphones hanging, singing and dancing, running with all his friends. I miss the old days when he spent every Friday night with us and we got storybooks, hugs and cuddles all evening.

But now my Easter this year has me obsessed with making a hypertufa planter with an Easter theme. And just the thing crossed my path and I snapped it up! I am in love with these planters just as much as I loved my Hypertufa Pumpkins I previously made.

Hypertufa Easter Baskets - Eggs Too

The Idea of Hypertufa Easter Baskets

When I was wandering around at the local Thrift store searching for toweling for more Draped Hypertufa Planters, I stumbled across two Easter Baskets which must have been the property of a little brother and sister who hunted eggs last year. These baskets were exactly alike except for one being blue and the other pink.  Deep grooves down each side accentuated the basket theme and there was a band around the middle almost like a barrel stave. Or it could have represented a ribbon, I guess.

And on the side was a bunny face. Molded and grooved into the side!  I was so excited since I knew this would make a perfect Hypertufa Mold!

I am always on the lookout for anything with great indented sides or edges. I have made some great hypertufa planters only because I found a perfect mold, so I know that I was going to make these. Now you must understand, these aren’t for the kids to hunt eggs or anything. These will be planters made from hypertufa, ready for any kind of weather and they can be outside all year.

I can plant dwarf iris, snowdrops, tiny daffodils. I think they would look awesome with Sedum angelina…what about violets or pansies?  Wow, I am really glad I found these.

And believe me, I will be trolling those thrift stores and garage sales for more. I know of several people who would love this kind of gift for Easter!

Coloring Hypertufa Egg with food coloring

We can color these hypertufa eggs just like we would regular eggs. I have tried it out and the hypertufa picks up food coloring. Maybe it is not as bright as a regular egg, but I think we’ll have a lot of fun doing it. Messy, messy!

My husband also tried the painting method. He used some spray paint we already had in the garage, and, of course, it made for a brightly colored egg. So we have a few options. I thought I could also design something with a dremel just as I did some of my hypertufa planters in this post.

Food coloring vs Paint Hypertufa Eggs

How to Make Hypertufa Easter Basket Planters

Of course, I have a step-by-step video of the procedure and I final got that prepared. I am going to have to make a lot more of them so that I don’t forget in between them all the ins and outs of doing it. I can film and have fun. But that editing and getting it ready is a real……pain.  But please watch and let me know what you think. I am always open to what I could do better to improve them.

Some have suggested cutting the basket in half and taping it so that it can be used again and again. That may be an option for you. Try it if you’d like.

Hypertufa Easter Basket Planters - Easy to Make

My grandson helped to stage some of my photos. He was so cute riding a bike around the back yard and my daughter and I are saying “Get out of the mud. Watch out for the mud.” We have had a lot of rain lately and it is damp back by the little creek which is , of course, a magnet for a kid.

Anyway, we are snapping photos here and there in the yard and placing the hypertufa Easter basket planters in lots of different vignettes.

Arranging the Hypertufa Easter Baskets

It was so wonderful! And he had great ideas. Anytime spent with my kids and grandchild is a great time.  Happy Nearly Spring everyone. Hope you are getting good weather. And if you are on the side of the world heading into fall/winter, may it not be too harsh this winter for you!

Of course, he has grown since I first made the planters, but I can always go back and watch my videos of when he was a little guy. Thanks for your visit!


  1. Debby Fisher says:

    How do you make your tufa Easter eggs??

  2. Marsha Parker says:

    Great idea! Now I’m on the hunt for Easter basket supplies for next year.

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