Messy garden shed bench

Cleaning and Organizing My Garden Shed

Base on my habit of procrastinating, I am long over due for a good cleaning of my garden shed. I realized the other day when I was going to prune off some old winter leftovers how much I needed to clean and organize my garden shed. I couldn’t even find my favorite pruners!

In the midst of this changing Ohio weather, any attempt to wait for a warm day is fruitless. But I can get out there when it is cold and sunny since it stays pretty warm inside in the sun.

Messy garden shelves needing organizing

Check out when the Garden Shed was delivered.

Right now, I will be working around the Lawn Mower and wagon in there. But I would rather have that extra room in the garage than to put those items in the garage. (Except for emergencies or just overnight things.)

We are in the midst of a remodel of the kitchen and I have a lot of wooden drawers that I want to take apart and use the wood for shelves where I can. Why should I buy new wood? I can just recycle the wood from these drawers into shelving.

Shelves will help me to keep things at hand in my garden shed (and in sight) so that I can find them easier. Organizing hasn’t been my strong suit since we had the shed installed.

white wood drawers stacked by doors

How I Plan To Organize

If you have any advice for me, I would welcome it. As for now, as I begin this task of organizing, maybe the best thing for me to do is put similar items together in categories like this.

  • All fertilizing and supplements
  • All pest treatments and traps
  • All hoses and water connectors
  • Molds and plastic items saved for hypertufa molds
  • Electric cords and strapping equipment
  • Gas tanks and oil for mower (better out here than in the garage)
  • Labels for everything too
  • Bins, baskets, and containers

I must, of course, have labels for everything I can. That way it can be placed in its own nook or hook and that way I can find it when I need it. Also this means I have to put it away in its place. 🙄

Those drawers which have come out of the old kitchen cabinets are still capable of using for shelving. I am taking them apart and making shelves to fit between the studs of the walls of the Garden Shed. (Plus anywhere else I can find use for the wood.)

Hopefully very soon I will have a follow-up video and/or post showing you all of the new shelving and cleanup and organization in my Garden Shed. I am hoping to be able to film in there too. Especially when I want to film when it is too sunny and bright outside.

My end of the garden shed

Meanwhile In The House

In the next few weeks, I am hoping the kitchen will be finished and I will be able to manage my time a little better. Waiting on shipments and then installations and then waiting on measuring for countertops, waiting on them to be “cut”, (not sure if that is the word) and then appointments to come back and install.

Pantry area in the new kitchen remodel

After that countertop is installed, then the backsplash tile has to be done. 😪 One day, my kitchen will be back. I am so tired of washing dishes in the soak sink. And believe me, we don’t use a lot of dishes right now. And when the dishwasher can be hooked up again! Oh my word! 🤗 Are we really so spoiled in this day and age?

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