Garden shed in fall tree colors of orange and red

I Watched Delivery of A Garden Shed By Mule!

Last spring, we decided to go ahead and get a garden shed that my husband and I had both been wanting since we moved to this home.

Both of our last homes had garden sheds, so we really missed not having that convenience out in the back yard…a place for garden tools, hypertufa-making tools and perhaps a spot for a mower?

I needed to shop for Garden Shed 1
Not pleased with reviews on “Big Box Store” sheds

But when my husband went to the hospital in April, suddenly I became the one who would pick it out, choose styles and colors, sizes and arrange for a gravel pad to be installed.

Delivering A Garden Shed By Mule?

Perhaps you know what I mean by that, but I was completely surprised by the delivery. A single guy brings the pre-constructed garden shed on the trailer of a big truck.

Garden shed delivery by Mule
One guy brings this whole garden shed via Mule

He has this machine that looks a bit like a “fork lift” and used that to drive the 10 foot by 14 foot garden shed down the street, down the driveway, and placed it precisely on the gravel pad!

Here’s a short video showing how a garden shed is delivered and placed with a Mule or Shed Mule. I have trouble steering the lawn mower. Can’t imagine how this is done!

Watch This Before You Have a Garden Shed Delivered! They Do This With A Mule?

Who knew? I had thought we’d have to buy some kit and have it delivered and constructed on site. But all the horror stories I read on reviews from those “Big Box” stores really put me off!

Of course, we had to have a gravel pad made on the spot we wanted the garden shed. Since we decided on a 10 foot by 14 foot shed, I asked the Pad Man to make a pad that was 11 foot by 17 foot.

The Pad Man crew made the compacted gravel pad

Gotta have a tiny area for hypertufa pots, right? Plus the extra few inches as a rim around the shed allow for air circulation and water run-off.

Perfect spot for a lot of hypertufa pots and planters.

hypertufa pots sitting on gravel next to garden shed

Choices To Make Before Purchase and Delivery

Size does matter. My thoughts were a smaller dimension than what my husband’s ideas were. In hindsight, I guess he was right. I could be persuaded that we needed a little larger than the 10 foot by 14 foot we purchased.

But he insisted on a garden shed with a loft. That means a roof with a pitch high enough to have overhead storage. We did get the “loft” one.

side view of metal garden shed, tan and black
I chose windows on each end so I could see down the driveway…and have a crosscurrent of air.

Materials are important. These garden sheds come in various materials such as metal, wood or plastic. There are pros and cons to each.

The biggest pro we used to make our decision on metal was that there would be no “upkeep,” no painting every few years like it would be with wood. Same reason we decided on the metal roof. (Love the sound of rain on a metal roof.)

Plastic or vinyl was just not an option for us. Big nope! Ohio is too cold IMO. *cracks*

Hypertufa looks good around the garden shed

Security is a great consideration. There should be material strong enough to keep your tools and equipment safe from theft. Always opt for sturdy locks built in.

A huge concern is Budget. Garden sheds can be a huge investment so plan on its initial cost, but be sure of additional considerations such as delivery and painting and roofing, if you go that route.

Permits or Permissions. We had to file documents for permission in our township. It was granted in a few weeks. Fees apply. Be sure your city, county, HOA allows them and find out where they can be placed.

Our Garden Shed was one single price for all. We chose colors, materials, where we wanted door and windows. Delivery was included, we just ordered and waited for a call with delivery date.

tan garden shed still on two wheels for delivery

( I had to separately call the Pad Man and have a compacted stone pad built prior to delivery. That was an additional expense.)

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