Peonies pushing thru soil in spring

Cleaning Flower Beds For Spring – Get Rid of Winter’s Leftovers

Here in Ohio, I think it is time for me to do some serious work in my garden beds to be ready for spring. I have a some fairly small garden bed against the house so it shouldn’t be more than I can handle.

Peonies flopping on grass

Last spring, I didn’t get out there early enough to set my peony cages in the beds where the sprouts come up. By the time I finally did, the sprouts were too high to get the cages in. I like to use the grid style because I feel it supports the best.

Bummer: I had very floppy peonies last spring.

This year I am determined to get them installed in a timely manner so that the huge blooms will have a lot of support.

bed of daffodils and lavender

Weeds Are Roaming & Ready To Take Over

So far this spring, I am seeing mostly Wild Mock Strawberry ( Potentilla indica) and Hairy Bittercress (Cardamine hirsuta.) These are such viners and can overgrow my beds if I don’t take action.

I will pull some of those weeds especially before they set seeds, but at this time in March, I can see flowers already on the Hairy Bittercress. Let’s hurry and get rid of it.

hairy bittercress with flowers

The wild strawberry vines are scampering through the beds and around rocks. I will be constantly pulling that out all summer.

The sedum album is growing well and spreading and I hope that it will suppress some of the weeds too. But I have to keep pulling that vine!

wild mock strawberry between rocks
Wild Mock Strawberry

The “Laura” Rake is The Bomb!

I watch Garden Answer on YouTube faithfully and I had told myself I would not go another year without getting a “Laura Rake.”

This is a small 8 inch shrub or leaf rake that can get into the beds and bushes and around your plants easily. My verdict? A wonderful tool and I won’t be without it.

I picked mine up at Home Depot for $15 but you can order one from Amazon for the same price and have it delivered!

Mulch and Extra Garden Soil for Amending Flower Beds

In my case, I have one of those garden wagons that I pull around to help with the heavy items. Most of the time, I can have my son or grandson come visit so that they can get the bags of mulch out of the trunk.

The people where I buy the mulch load it for me and I have to depend on my guys to get it out. Then, one by one, I can get it around the beds where I need it.

In the coming years, I may need to have it done by a landscaping company when I get unable to physically handle it. But I have not had a good experience with the one time I had a company come and do landscaping.

See this post where I whine about it. It is all at the end of the post. Can I trust anyone new?

Small 8 inch leaf rake cleaning flower beds

Replenishing the soil in my garden beds will also need to be done. I had removed weeds and bushes when we first moved here, and I feel the beds have “settled” and are in need of a boost to level them up.

So I plan also to add some extra garden soil too along with the mulch. Hopefully I won’t cover any seedlings that are sprouting…of the plants and flowers that I want! For sure, I want to cover sprouting weeds!

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