The Nutcracker Ballet

Nutcracker Ballet Tickets for Saturday!

The Nutcracker Ballet Saturday night!

My daughter and I  are so excited and looking forward to going to The Nutcracker ballet soon on a Saturday night.  We bought our Nutcracker tickets months ago. The performance is at the Schuster Center here in Dayton.   We plan to take my grandson and I know he will enjoy it. It is a little different from what he is used to, but I think the experience will broaden his view on dancing. It won’t hurt, right?

He is really into Hip Hop right now and taking some classes at  Funk Lab Dance , a local studio. He had been in karate for about a year and a half, but seemed to be losing interest. But he is a “performer” and I think he gets that from his Mom. She is so comfortable being the center of attention, putting herself out there. More kid’s activities posts listed here.

Hip Hop Class compared to Nutcracker ballet

And so is he! He has no fear of making a presentation in class and feels no problem with introducing himself to strangers and new kids he meets. I love that he is so outgoing. Both of my children and now my grandchild are so much more outgoing than I ever was. He is in fourth grade and the teacher will assign a homework idea to them: make an oral presentation of 3 minutes duration or write a two page report on the same. He picks the oral presentation. OMG. When I was in class, if they gave me the choice, I would have chosen the written one even if it was 30 pages!

 Nutcracker Ballet Tickets for Saturday! -The Hypertufa Gardener

Is that “social anxiety” something you learn?  I know I was never comfortable at all in front of the class in school or work making any kind of presentation. I was ready to crawl under the table and assume the fetal position. I never consciously pushed my daughter at all, but she is the polar opposite of me. Wait a minute! I guess it comes from her Dad. That man is so talkative and “in your face” that he would take over at a press conference for Obama!


Thank God! My daughter didn’t inherit social anxiety from me. And apparently she has passed her confidence and fearlessness to her son!

I think he will be more successful with this personality trait. And we will try to enlarge his horizons in any way we can. Yes, he is a boy and we are taking him to The Nutcracker Ballet and I know he will have lots to talk about!

The Nutcracker is for all children, not just girls, right?  I don’t have any girl grandchildren yet. Maybe one day!

Be that as it may, I love that my daughter and my grandson are so “social.” I know it will be an asset for him as it was for my daughter. And I feel the more experiences I can give and the more confidence I can instill in him – and help him gain them himself – the brighter his future will be.

Isn’t that what all parents and grandparents want?







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