From my years of parenting and now grandparenting, I have learned a lot. Mistakes have been made and some of them I can try better the next time. Others I am not so lucky and it is an opportunity missed.  But we all live and learn.

My kids and my one grandson are the best rewards I could ever receive. Of course, my blog would not be complete unless I featured my family in whatever way I was inclined to write about them. So here are some funny or informative or useful ideas from my family to yours.

Family Life - Parenting and Grandparenting

Money and Budgeting

$20 To Recover Dining Room Chairs? Challenge Accepted!

3 Best Things About My Mitsubishi Electric Car

Auto Insurance – Budgeting for It

Cheap Gardener? No, I’m Economical

Credit Card Seduction

DIY – Decorating Your Walls With Your Own Images

Home Insurance – Whether You Own or Rent

Military Discounts? Just Ask For Them

OK, I Admit It. I Hate Grocery Shopping

The Fading Art of the Home Handyman

Torn Your Jeans Already?

Home Repairs – The Perks of Home Ownership

Kid’s Activities

Make A Lasting Christmas Memory – The Christmas Clue Hunt

Nutcracker Ballet Tickets for Saturday

The Moose on the Loose is on Nana’s Shelf

Yes, I Want To Dance

Nana, I Can Ride My Bike!

No Fuss Toddler’s Halloween Costume

Easy Slime Recipe – Make It for a Party

How Fast Can You Do Speed Stacks?

The Creativity of The Minecraft Game

Parenting and Family Life

Last Trip to the Pumpkin Patch?

A Miniature Christmas Village Set

Almost Time For Science Fair Projects

Addicted To Video Games

Hold On, Mom, Gotta Take This Call

Teacher Suggests…ADHD?

He’s So Quiet, What Is He Up To?

I Wish I Could Get Some Sleep

Mom, Scratch My Back

No Fuss Bedtime! It’s Not A Dream