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Unpack Those Christmas Decorations! It’s Time!

When do you put up your Christmas decorations?

I am always anxious for Christmas to come, but I dread carrying box after box of Christmas decorations up from the basement. We have them stacked in plastic bins with the fold-down tops and one year, I got all organized and taped little placards on the end of each box. That way, I could know what was in each box and be well organized in how I scheduled the set up.  One day, do the whole Christmas village. Next day get the tree up with all its trimmings. The following day I could get all the bows and garland on the deck. And then the final day would be all the knick knacks and my snowmen collections. Yes, that’s how it is all supposed to go.

  • Christmas village
  • Tree  and all the ornaments
  • Knick Knacks
  • Deck garland and bows
Christmas decorations - Jacob first

And then there’s the Deer Box. He is part of the knick knacks. I bought a pair of deer who are kneeling and facing each other. They were so pretty when I saw them and I just had to have them. Well, they are such a joy to store each year. <eyeroll>  I have to bubble-wrap the antlers of each of them, and…..I have broken them twice and glued them together again. What was I thinking?

Time to put up Christmas Decorations - the Hypertufa Gardener

But I am slowly getting my Christmas decor up. My daughter has EVERYTHING up and all ready, every package wrapped and curly-ribboned under the tree, goodies planned for baking, boxes and  bows all ready. Notes of where this gift and that gift need to be sent!  Christmas music playing! How does she do this? 

She always has her house decorated at least a week before Thanksgiving. She certainly never learned that from me. The only time I would ever have it all out by Thanksgiving would be if I were having holiday company from out of town and I knew they would not be able to come again for Christmas.

Update: We are all now living in the same household, so we have decorated early so that most everything was up for Thanksgiving. It’s a multi-generation household now. I wrote about that in this post.

I know she is genetically my child, but that “gene” must have skipped my generation. I think my Christmas music CDs are still in the glove box of the car from last year!  …I was going to take them in sometime! 

Hey, give me credit that I took them out of the CD changer!.

And then there’s the Christmas Wall Photos!

Christmas decorations

I have some enlarged photographs that I have framed and these are my “winter” photos. One is over the fireplace here and two more are against the opposite wall in the dining room. Just simple snow scenes but I really like them . I wrote about them in this post. Try it and you may have a new favorite photo for the season.

My Winter Photos - The Hypertufa Gardener
                     Sorry about the reflections. I should have used a different angle.

So get it all out and start decorating. You know you need some exercise after that big Thanksgiving Gorge-fest! Put on some Christmas songs and sing and dance it all out!

Keep unpacking those Christmas decorations






  1. Vickie Browning says:

    We brought the containers out of the crawlspace after Halloween so that those decorations could go back in. I brought the containers upstairs the morning after Thanksgiving. Then we went out for small business shopping and get our tree. We started decorating the next day. We took our time. Saturday and Sunday for tree, house and village setup. We still need a couple of power strips so we can turn the carnival on and a couple of nightlight bulbs for two for the pool hall and the toy store. We have a heckuva village. It takes up three tables and we are always looking for more pieces.
    We’ll put the lights up this weekend.

    1. Wow, it sounds like you have a really nice village. It grows bigger and bigger each year, right? I would love to see photos. A carnival! so exciting!

  2. Is it just me or are people decorating earlier every year? We never decorate until December, except the outside lights. We don’t have many; just a few on the deck railing, but last night my husband brought home a lazer projection light. Now we have red and green lights dancing across the front of our house, and even hitting the ceiling inside!

    1. I know where you are coming from. I get tired of the decorations if they are up too long, but miss them when I take them down. I just need to have separate celebrations. If it is up for Thanksgiving, it makes Christmas not take center stage.

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