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Is Your Junk Drawer Full of Luggage Tags?

    Wednesday has rolled around again! My goodness, how time flies! Let’s enjoy these days of spring which feel like the start of summer. ( I must remember not to complain about the heat!)  So here are some gardening hints and tips.


Do you ever forget the name of a tree or shrub? When you plant it, you’ve asked for it at the nursery and repeated it so many times?

But two months later, I am the one who cannot remember the name of it. You know the feeling, it’s on the “tip of your tongue” but nothing comes!  Maybe I am just getting old!

But here’s an idea.  Gather all those luggage tags collecting in the junk drawer. Give-aways at resorts and hotels, etc.

Garden Hack for Luggage Tags


Use the waterproof ones to label your tree, shrub, or plant. Just hang them unobtrusively on a branch where you can get to it easily. Write the name with a waterproof pen/sharpie.

And you will always know the name!  Write anything you need to remember such as date planted, special needs, etc.  Good idea! You’re welcome!


My Garden Bucket

Have your ever carried your garden tool supply bucket around with you in the garden, and then wished you had a pencil and paper to make some notes? Or a little calendar to mark down some info?

You know if you just put them in the bucket pockets, they get wet or dirty.  So here’s an idea.

The Garden Bucket - from The Hypertufa Gardener

Use an old chip container or drink sticks container, and label it as you want. Then put pencils, paper, one of those little purse calendars, scissors?  bandages? hand sanitizer ? Anything you may need in the garden that needs to stay clean and dry.

Works for me!

Just pop it out of the container when you need it, write it all down, and place it back inside and pop on the lid. Done!

Egg Cartons – Seedling Trays !

This is an idea that is not new to anyone probably, but at least it puts to use an  item which won’t go into a landfill

Use those styrofoam or paper egg cartons as a “cuttings” tray. You might also use them for seed sprouting etc. They just take a few spoonfuls of potting mix or perlite or sand, whatever you use as your medium for cuttings.


These are light but sturdy, and you can punch a drain hole easily with a nail or thumbtack. If you are sprouting something that needs humidity, they slide easily into a 2gallon zip lock bag.

Stores easily, and you can clean the Styrofoam ones for reuse by spritzing with bleach solution and drying in the sun.

Sprouting new succulents in egg cartons


Plus they are just cute as can be! Don’t you think?

Garden Photos

Probably as most gardeners do, I love taking pictures of my flowers and plants and, of course, my hypertufa troughs.

Do you love hanging those on the wall? It is cheaper than you think. I have taken some high resolution photos, emailed or taken them to Sam’s Club ( you may have a different member/club  store in your area), and I get them developed into a 30×20 inch poster matte. This costs less than $15 here.

Framed photo of my Blue Flax
My own photo of flax. Such a pretty blue.



You may already have a frame or watch for large framed photos sold at a two-for-one sale at craft stores like Michael’s.  Buy a large matted framed picture,  remove the picture in it, and replace it with  yours ….Voila!

Photos from my garden - Sweet William - dianthus


My own photo of sweet william.

Now you have your own framed art! And it’s your  own flowers!

Note: Your original photo needs to be very high resolution or it will not print out well. I think these were 3264×2448

Well, go on out today and enjoy your garden!  And come back to the blog for more useful information and just my thoughts.

As you may have noticed, I have expanded to include some recipes and then some budgeting or money saving information. And a little parenting or, in my case, grandparenting information. I hope you enjoy that in with the mixture.

Leave me a comment. I like to hear from you!

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