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Torn Your Jeans Already?

Are ripped jeans really stylish? I think not!

Mom and Dad go to the store and pay $49 for a pair of jeans for a 10 year old boy. Luckily, Mom has a 15% off coupon which came in the mail at just the right time, and from just the right store where they sell the jeans that fit his little growing body. After all, he will outgrow them almost as fast as he wears them out. And ouch that price! Especially when you need to buy 4 pair.

He outgrows them all at once……That’s just the way it happens.

Jeans for little boys are somewhat hard to fit. They need to be skinny enough to fit their growing  and gangly legs but large enough for a waistline that basically equals the hips…..or where there are supposed to be hips.

Ragged Jeans - The Hypertufa Gardener

It is the strangest phenomenon that men and therefore little boys have no hips whatsoever. The waist just goes down into legs so that you have to have jeans fit just right or the butt looks strange. Moms know what I mean. The waist has to fit by blending perfectly down into the leg but without leaving that “saggy butt” look. Or jeans that are too loose in the thigh! Not a good look.

Anyway, I digress.

What I am talking about today is how quickly a little boy’s jeans WILL get a hole in them! Yes!

It seems that his jeans only last for few weeks before they inevitably have a hole starting in the knee. As you wash the jeans, the fraying starts. Then you have the large white Rip showing at each knee! Usually with about 15 inches of string hanging from it like slobbers on a St Bernard!

Mind you, the jeans are perfectly good everywhere else. You know that your jeans and your husband’s jeans do get worn out. Usually around the pockets or the crotch area. Don’t we all get that wear in the crotch that gradually develops into a full “break” and must be repaired before your thighs die from chafing.

Again, I digress.  But I need to be saving money somehow on this.

No Hole Jeans - The Hypertufa Gardener

But the kids seem to always rip out the knees within weeks of purchase and you have a perfectly good pair of jeans but with “stylish’ rips across the knees. I know a few years ago it was stylish to take a razor and rip your jeans here and there. Or maybe even pay for jeans that look like a homeless person discarded them, and now you are paying $110 a pair for them. But I just don’t care for the look on a 10 year old.

I guess I am a little Old School and just want a nice neat pair of jeans for him. Meanwhile, Santa will bring him five new pairs under the tree. Or for his birthday. Or maybe as an Easter basket gift.

We can cross our fingers, but…………by a month from tearing off the tags,  there will probably be rips!

Or they’re outgrown.

How do you handle these rips? Do you sew?  Do you know how to repair them? Leave your address here!

Can I mail you packages?   Do you work cheap?

LOL….if only.

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