Image of Swedish Ivy with Wandering Jew

Swedish Ivy Houseplant Cuttings – So Easy To Propagate!

 I started out with a large pot of Swedish Ivy at my house, and I believe that this is one of the easiest plants to grow and propagate that I have ever had. Cuttings easily grow roots and make a pretty sight just sitting in a little bottle of water.

But they grow so quickly, a new potting up is needed all the time. For me, I haven’t noticed any difference in how easy it is to propagate in spring or winter. It just grows!

image of Swedish Ivy houseplant grown from cuttings

My daughter wanted a pot of Swedish Ivy for her bedroom window so I am using one of my cuttings that I did in February this year. I have had this growing in my bedroom window and it will be facing the same direction for her so it should grow fine. Lighted all day but gets the sun only in the mornings.

image of cuttings of Swedish Ivy growing in water
My newborn Swedish ivy in water.

Just be aware that Swedish ivy, even though it’s a houseplant, can grow outside too. I have this in a full-sun area in the back deck and it grows HUGE. Vining and branching all over, the pretty scalloped leaves grow so big and I can only attribute that to the increased sun exposure.

If you should move a plant outside for more sun, be sure to allow it a week or ten days in a bright area, not exposed to intense sunlight. It could get a bad sunburn. Not good!

That period of time should allow it to transition to brighter light so that it won’t sunburn and lose a lot of its leaves. That has always worked for me.

Swedish Ivy Cutting Is So Big Now - Re-potting into New Pot!

Another post is here on my site showing one of my previous plantings. She was the Mother of all my cuttings, so I guess by now she is a Great-great Grandma!  Simple & Easy Houseplant – Swedish Ivy Care

I really have so many plants that I have to make time to get potted or re-potted depending on how long I have had them. It seems that the Pilea glauca that I recently planted in a new Hypertufa bowl may have to be divided. She is growing gangbusters. Remember when I rooted and planted her? My Indoor Houseplant Pilea Glauca Is Going Outside In A Hypertufa Bowl

image of pilea vining in hypertufa bowl

And do you remember those Elephant Ears that I saved and replanted? I thought they had just died, and I almost threw out the soil in them into the garden shed dumping grounds. Much to my surprise, there is a tiny Elephant Ear showing. I am so happy. She was in the pot labeled “Jumbo” so she has a way to go. But hooray for her!

image of tiny Elephant Ear sprout

Look how tiny she is yet so perfect. Plants are a wonderful thing and I am fascinated all the time. Thanks for reading and check back again. Be sure to watch the video and PIN something. See you next video!

image of tiny sprout in my garden

Hmmmm…I wonder how long it will be before she needs re-potting? I have got to get busy!


  1. I just bought a beautiful Swedish ivy at a plant nursery. I am very excite about it! I haven’t seen them in a very, very long time. They were so popular during the 1970’s and I have always loved them. If I am seeing them in a rural nursery, you will, too! Good luck!!

    1. Sounds wonderful. Now take cuttings and make many more!

  2. Debbie Peterson says:

    Kim do you give cuttings away for free. i live off SS and and so badly need to rebuild my houseplants and outside plants i am disabled and I cant do alot but i loved taking care of my
    plants. But when i was sick for awhile my grandson killed off all my plants by either overwatering or not watering them. can you help me please i had over 300 plants and they are all gone now.?

    1. Sorry, I have had several requests for plants, but I just cannot start mailings. It’s too difficult to get them to arrive safely and alive. Perhaps you can find someone locally who has it and would give you a cutting.

  3. Ella Dumaplin says:

    Kim,I would like to buy a Swedish Ivy plant if you’re selling. I live in Florida. Please respond. Thanks.

    1. Ella, I am sorry, but I don’t sell plants so I would not be able to help you. Tried it many years back but it just didn’t work for me. Thanks for your visit.

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