No Fuss Toddler's Halloween Costume

No Fuss Toddler’s Halloween Costume!

Who wants a crying fussy toddler on Halloween?

If you are going to pull your toddler in a wagon or push him in a stroller, will he or she be fussing and pulling off your carefully prepared elaborate costume?

Maybe your little one is old enough to walk the block or more? If so, remember, it is best for him to be in a good mood and comfortable in his little costume.

This applies to your toddlers but also to the older kids too. I think it is best to use something that is most like an ordinary outfit that he or she is used to wearing.

One year, my little Trick-or-Treater just wore his warm “sweat suit” which is styled as a Cincinnati Bengals uniform cover-up. We only painted streaks under his eyes and he carried the cloth pumpkin to collect his treats. He was comfortable and was in a good mood all during the trip.

I think a little onesie or pajama sleeper can be used. Your child can be a pumpkin in an orange one. It is easy if you just use your imagination.

Best Halloween Ever -The Hypertufa Gardener

The Best Ever Halloween was the year my grandson dressed as a policeman. He was very comfortable since it was just a shirt and pants, hat and shoes, with an ID badge and handcuffs. He was so happy. He drove his Gator door-to-door. We all enjoyed that year so much.

Be sure your child is warm.

Here in Ohio, our Halloween is usually pretty cold, and it has often snowed on the very night chosen as the designated Trick-or-Treat evening. When he was a Bengal player, he had a helmet to wear, but it was a big one, so it was not something he wore long. Too heavy to wear and too heavy to use as his treat container.


So we had a happy little Bengal that year. And had a good time on the walk with a loose toddler. So just use something a little less elaborate than you might initially like. Remember, that evening can only last as long as he or she keeps in a happy mood.

Haven’t you seen a little Trick-or-Treater at your door kicking and screaming and swinging that crown or wand into the faces of all the other kids? 

Or the big fussy Lion King outfit! Too itchy! I would be crying too!  Let’s not be “that kid.”

What is your little one wearing for Halloween?  And what are you wearing to give out the treats?  See more posts about Family Life here.

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