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Mom, Scratch My Back!

How many times a day does a Mom hear this?

Your precious little child wakes up in the night with a bad dream. What’s the one thing that will sooth him?

“Mom, scratch my back.”

When he wakes up early in the morning, all grown up at 10 years old but still wants to climb in your lap or next to you in bed. And, yes, he is pulling up his shirt as he cuddles up next to you.

“Mom, scratch my back”.

He wants the same scratching at my house too when he spends the night. He will lie still and close his eyes while you scratch and just lightly move your fingernails across his back. I remember going through the same routine with  his Mom when she was a little girl. I guess it must be a universal thing for little kids to love that comfortable soothing massage. It is a part of Family Life.

Is your child one of those who love to have his back scratched?  Maybe everyone goes through that stage. I remember I loved to have my hair brushed. In some way it was so soothing, and I felt so relaxed and soothed. My sister and I used to do that for each other. And I remember my daughter used to brush my hair or “Fix my hair, ” as she called it.

Restful and soothing. Some of my best memories. And I know we are making them for him. In Mom’s or Nana’s lap he will always find us ready. We love it.

“Mom, scratch my back.”

Did your kids or yourself have a soothing routine like that?

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