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Military Discounts? Just Ask For Them!

Living on a Budget?

Aren’t we all living on a budget, and every little discount we can get is important. Most of us don’t know about the military discounts available in many places, from car rental agencies and hotels and motels and more. ( More posts about saving money and budgeting.) 

But there are great military discounts ( active, retired, Reserves) that don’t seem to be very well-known, at least from what I hear. When I mention it to people, they usually do not have any knowledge of these great discounts. Some of the locations are franchises and it is up to the individual owners whether or not to offer the discount but we have never been denied the discount when a company is listed on the link I am sharing.


In almost all these cases, there is one principle that you must follow or you will not get the discount.


Yes, it is just that simple. Quite a few of the larger chains or restaurants and stores may advertise around Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day about a free meal or their special discount, but at quite a few of these, a discount is available all year long! It is usually a 10-15% discount, and can be higher at certain times of the year!

Are you using your discount?

First of all, this is a well deserved discount. Military people and their WHOLE families deserve this additional option  to make ends meet  in this economy because they have given much to qualify. Men and woman have given years of their lives  serving here in our country and in foreign countries and putting themselves at great danger to serve their country.

Wives and husbands are left to get through times of great stress such as moving, childbirth, medical emergencies without the support and comfort of a spouse by their side. How heartbreaking to miss the birth of a son or daughter, or a son’s first steps or a daughter’s first day of school.

Do not forget to ask for the discount because you deserve it and have earned it.

Next time you make a purchase anywhere, ask if they give a military discount. Many places do, but it is so seldom asked for that the employees don’t even know it. So if you think there is a possibility such as the place of business being listed on the file I will link to , ask for the manager, especially if you are making a large purchase.

We frequently purchase items at Lowe’s and Home Depot. Both offer the discount for military at 10% all year long. You have to have your military ID or your retired Vet’s Card or any ID that shows your military service in your wallet.

We have purchased washer and dryer $1800, got $180 off…and new garage door installed $1200 , got $120 off. And then there are just your garden supplies, plants, Christmas gifts ( all that tool stuff which is eye candy for my husband.) These amounts saved can really add up for the whole year!

We rented a vacation home in Outer Banks, NC.  A week at $3500, discounted -$350!  Yes, some of those booking companies offer Military discounts.  Our savings alone almost paid for a flight down there for one person!  Restaurants offer discounts such as Chick-Fil-A,  Burger King, Cabela’s, Disney,Pizza Hut and more.

Car dealerships,  Cell phone providers!  Verizon,  AT&T…..It is ridiculous how many.   But remember…..

You have to ASK for it!

Thanks for reading and get out there and spend money, but wisely.  Leave me a comment! How much did you save?




  1. Leon Werner says:

    Thanks for this information.

  2. Holly YOUNGBLOOD says:

    I always ask fir a military discount,my husband is retired Air Force.most gladly give it to you, thank you for setvice,others look at you like you are crazy.don’t give it ,you have earned it.always on Veterans Day,a lot of. restaurant will serve the veterans for free.our fave is LongHorns ❤️

  3. You make a good point about asking for discounts. Families and service members are probably much better informed because of this post.

  4. Very wise advice! A lot of places do offer military discounts but don’t advertise it, so it’s always a good idea to ask! Nicely said! Thanks so much for the info!

    1. It is a well-deserved discount! Our vets and military are owed so much.

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