Making an enclosed bottle garden

New Project! Making An Enclosed Bottle Garden

Well, today I ran over to the closest Goodwill store to pick up some tiny garden planters. I wanted something little and cute for another project I am working on and I did find some very small and very cute ones for Cheap!

But I also stumbled across a large heavy glass bottle. No stopper or cork or anything. But my mind starts racing. I have seen those videos of bottle gardens which are basically a biosphere which sustains itself over many years. Of course, I am diving in head first.  $6.99 and it’s MINE!

Making an enclosed bottle garden

I am making an enclosed bottle garden!

I have no idea how to do it, but it is the age of YouTube and I know I can search it out and figure out how to do this.  The jar is about 12 inches deep and wide and has a narrow opening. Those long tweezers and forceps will be necessary to plant this. I’ll have to find some of those. But I am always ready to learn something new. It keeps my mind exercised, right?  Use it or lose it.

A little lopsided top

Probably mosses and ferns are to be the best plants for this enclosed bottle garden. At least a lot of high-humidity type plants. I want to be able to cap it and then not open it for 40 years or something like those ones you hear about in the news.

Yeah, like I will be around to see that!

Have you made an enclosed bottle garden?

If you have made one, please comment with all the help you have for me. I want this to be a success and I will need to update this maybe every other month on my progress. I will make a video when I plant it so that you can be there at the very beginning.

Won’t that be fun to update it?  Will this work? Can I do it?

What type of plants will I use? Probably ferns, right? Like this:

Adiantum- maidenhair fern for making an enclosed bottle garden

Or smaller scale plants like this Nerve Plant ( Fittonia)

Fittonia-Colorful plant for making an enclosed bottle garden

Mosses too. I need to include mosses.  I just love mosses.

Mosses are necessary when making an enclosed bottle garden

Will tiny insects be in the terrarium too? Do I need them? Do I have a choice? Well, I guess I have a lot to learn. Learn along with me and help me if you can. I would be so grateful.

Wish me luck. I have made other terrariums and have a few, but not usually the type to remain closed. This will be a whole new adventure!


  1. This will need small gravel at the bottom as well as some charcoal (try the pet store for this). The charcoal helps prevent any collected water from getting funky.
    Eventually you will also need scissors/nippers that can prune your plants as they thrive and grow too tall. You will quickly find what thrives and what dies or grows too tall.

    1. Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it. I have started looking for tools…mostly what I can improvise. It’s really going to be fun.

  2. Vickie Browning says:

    Neat! I look forward to seeing the progress and how it turns out. I’ve always wanted to try a terrarium of some kind or remake a fairy garden. I have the supplies, but timing is never right it feels like. One day….

    1. I am trying to figure out how to either make some long tools or get some. It will be exciting. Now if we can get some weather warm enough to go get plants!

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