pilea in two lady head planter vases

New Hairdo for My Lady Head Planters

I have a couple of Lady Head Planters that I have had a few years. Trying different plants for a new “hairdo” is fun.

So this time I decided to try out my Pilea peperomioides as a large bouffant hairstyle for them. I am anxious to see how it turns out.

teenager with bouffant hairdo

If it grows successfully and makes a lot of pups, she will really have a great Hairdo!

I have been really successful growing my Pilea peperomioides plant that I bought several years ago. Some have grown better than others but I have learned over time what these plants like.

bright blue vase pot with green plant
This was a table in front of the sliding doors, just moving around. Too sunny!

Pilea plants follow the light, so you can see how distorted they can get. Not exactly a plant that you would put on a bookshelf or you will end up like this one did.

But, in a way, I kind of like that “artsy” shape. (When I have so many of one kind of plant, different shapes just add to my enjoyment.)

curvy cane on pilea plant
Really curvy cane or stem on Pilea

Previously I had planted the Lady Head Vases with String of Pearls, and that worked for a while. But I always want to change it up.

So I tried some succulents for my next planting which turned out very “majestic!”

lady head vases with succulents as "hair"

But isn’t it true that a plant and pot combo can make all the difference in how you feel about a plant. Experiments are fun.

Fit The Plant To A Container

With Hypertufa, I created a small planter to fit a tiny cutting of a Jade Plant, attempting a “look” of bonsai. It does look pretty cute even though it grows slowly.

tiny jade plant in hypertufa pot

Soon I will remove that growth on the lower stem so that the trunk possibly will get bigger and wider. Probably due for a transplant this spring.

closeup of wide trunk of tiny jade plant

From many years ago, I have this glass terrarium column that I planted with P. Brasil and a Pilea glauca. I just adore how this planter has worked out.

I need to do an update post and video to show you how great this “no drainage” glass container works. Awesome!

glass terrarium with brasil and glauca

The Pilea glauca looks like Baby’s Tears and typically has a red stem. It has cascaded down the sides and is completely filling the inside of that tall glass column.

tall column of glass as container
Pilea glauca fills the inside and dangles outside this terrarium

Soon I will root and transplant some it the Glauca into some hypertufa pots. I think blanketing the top of a container with a hugger/trailer will be so pretty.

tradescantia in pot whose saucer is a footed compote dish
Isn’t this footed compote dish just right as a saucer?

Always Plant In The Right Size Container

Just a reminder. Always err on the side of too small of a container as opposed to too large. Watering problems happen when the container is too large.

It doesn’t seem like that would happen. Won’t the water go all the way to the bottom, away from the roots?

swamp with inset picture of dead houseplant

No, it just makes a “swamp” located a few inches below where the roots reach, but my finger says it’s dry, so I add more water.

Result: dead plant from root rot. Believe me, I speak from experience.

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