Water rooted String of Pearls

How About Head Vases For String Of Pearls Propagation Cuttings?

I am so excited to let you know that my String of Pearls has rooted very well…both in water and in soil. But hands down, the water-rooted cuttings for String of Pearls was by far the quickest and easiest.

I had roots coming from the back side of the little pearls within a day or two. I sure did. Those roots have grown so long that I am seriously in need of finding a new pot to put them into as soon as possible.

string of pearls rooting in water

And guess what I decided upon? Those head vases that I bought several months ago at Marshall’s thinking that I might try to make a mold of some sort so that I could make a similar pot in hypertufa. But I just never did that because I wasn’t sure I could, but I was overjoyed to rediscover these pots sitting on a back row in the shelves.

Perfect for String of Pearls!

two  head vases with holes to use as planters

This post is a follow-up from my String of Pearls Cuttings post and video. Check those out to see how I took the cuttings and put them into both water and soil. I sure hope I have a boatload of new plants for summer outside!

Checking through Pins on Pinterest, there are so many plants in head vases and I just love that look. So I am planting my String of Pearls in this set and plan to have lots of “hair” later on this year. 

But I have prepped a video to show how these roots developed and I am planting them up on the video to show you how thickly I am planting them. These planters, the head vases, are cement vases with a large interior so that the roots should have lots of room. However, they are NOT drilled already with holes, so I am putting those drain holes in prior to planting them.

String of Pearls Propagation - Better in Water - Found the Perfect Vases

I am using sandy soil for a well-draining medium for these succulent plants. Since it is spring (mid April Ohio Zone 6), I am feeding them too as I will during this summer period. Using a[easyazon_link identifier=”B01EBEZLWM” locale=”US” tag=”thehypegard0d-20″] type of fertilizer that is weak and mixes with each watering [/easyazon_link] seems to work for me. Here is an affiliate link to that product. You may want to try it too.

So what do you think? Didn’t they turn out well? I will do a Plant Update later on the YouTube channel Kim’s Gardens and let you know how they are doing. Thanks for visiting today!

image of two head vases with String of Pearls as hair


  1. Thanks for sharing this !! Lady heads were a great find for you and they look great with their “hair” cascading down !!!! Will try propagating with my pearls too !!!!

  2. AdrienneKay Hernandez says:

    I have a question if I may. While rooting the string of Pearl’s in the water, did you change the water at all during that time?
    Thank you.

    1. I only had them in the water for 10 days or so and didn’t change the water, just topped it off a few times from evaporation. (This was in my basement growing shelves and artificial light.) Roots shows in couple of days so I had to get them planted quickly. For my experience, I won’t pop pearls off since those seemed to sprout best.

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