He’s So Quiet, What Is He Up To?

We have all heard it said “Silence is golden.”

But, as a Nana and a Mom , I beg to differ with that sentiment. Every Mom knows that “Silence” from your children brings that feeling of suspicion and just a hunch that they are up to no good.

You know, as every Mother does, that you cannot take silence for granted. It can have several meanings. As an example:  You hear your toddler playing in the next room while you fold the laundry and maybe check over the paper work for next day’s staff meeting. This is wonderful!

You are getting something done, and he is playing quietly, entertaining himself.  Isn’t Family Life wonderful?

So after a few minutes, your inner Spider Mom Sense kicks in and says “What is he doing….?”


Unfortunately, he has found your $81 jar of SkinCeuticals eye balm and has smeared it all over his feet………and the keyboard.  And he smiles and holds the empty jar , showing you proudly! 

These times are what are known fondly as The Toddler Times.

And then there’s the time you are reading your favorite novel, and you see him with his storybook. He is reading just like Mommy.

It is so nice to have quiet and peace, and you pat yourself on the back and settle in to the next chapter. But wait!  You can just barely see his little toes. What is he doing?

He is practicing his drawing skills……

with a permanent marker……

drawing lines on the new dining room carpet…….


With all the troubles and messes a child can get into, it certainly makes for stories to tell at the next get-together with the other mothers. Some of these mothers work all day as my daughter does, and others choose to stay at home with their children. We each have our reasons for what we do. But we can all agree to the dread of those quiet and silent days when our child is sick.

Not the crying and whining which keeps you up at night with his earache, when nothing can comfort him but being held in your arms.

And to tell the truth, you are the most comfortable with them right there in your arms, so you can hear every sniff………..and each sweet little breath.

The awful silence is when they are very sick or hurt. And your child sleeps endlessly, either with the medication he or she is on, or sleep that occurs during  the natural healing process.

Those times you yearn to have them back coloring the carpet or walls, or getting into messes. Just make him well and feeling better again.

Luckily, my daughter has only had a few short illnesses with my little grandson. My heart breaks for those who watch and wait in lonely silence which can stretch endlessly into the night.

Bring on the noise, and the giggles, and shrieks of laughter…………I can do without the silence.

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