End of Year Hypertufa Pots Review

End of Year Hypertufa Pots Rewind/Review

As the year winds down, and we all are getting ready to go to party tonight, I wanted to review some of my hypertufa pots, planters, and creations this year. Some were originally made in previous years, but you all know how many times you can use some hypertufa molds, so I get a lot for my troubles. Gotta love those big ones!

I have had a lot of fun in my new garden workshop making new creations. It is nice having a dedicated place so that I can make my own mess, but still know where everything is….kinda.

Assorted Hypertufa Pots

As you know, I set up all my supplies in the metal garbage cans of various sizes. I think I would like to have one more can for my soil. Once it is open, I feel like it dries out and then is always subject to contamination or bug infestation. You see, I brought a new plant in this Christmas, a poinsettia, and I kept it in the basement workshop for a while before bringing it up nearer Christmas. It’s cooler there.

That’s when I noticed the GNATS several days later.  Of course, I started treatments, but it only takes one little Fertile Myrtle to start the process in my other plants that I have down there over-wintering. Grrrr!

Hypertufa pots and planters curing in basement

So, for the future, my soil will no longer be in the open old sink I used. It will be in a metal can with a sealed lid! You never know where those little suckers have been. I have decided the sink is too open…for invasion!

My huge hypertufa planter trough which we left when we sold the house.

Now let’s check out some of my favorite hypertufa planters, troughs, and pots. And we shall have a moment of silence for my big T Rex trough which was left behind in the move to the new house. I sure miss my Big Baby!  ( I did take all the plantings inside though.)

Here is the video. Please check it out and see some of my hypertufa pots and planters

End of Year HYPERTUFA POTS Rewind

This past year I have had so many of my hypertufa pots and planters on the deck, but for this year, I would like to transition the planters out into the beds near the foundation. I think they will be displayed better there and we are planning to do some painting/renovating on the deck so I would rather these hypertufa already be located and situated prior to anything going on.

Hypertufa planter full to overflowing of sedum immergrunchen

All my hypertufa planters seem so special to me and I plan this year to make even more. I really already have too many, but that doesn’t stop me from making more. I am interested in trying some water features and really expanding on some new ideas that others are trying. There are so many talented people on the Facebook Group and reveal some of their creations there. Such imaginations! You should check it out!

Tiny hosta and baby's tears in a hypertufa pot

This year has brought many changes for me and I am looking forward to spring at this new house, making more hypertufa as we wait for it to happen.  Last year we were so involved with the move in March and April and getting things into the ground and placed around, I felt I didn’t have the time to enjoy the spring as I usually do.

Change to front garden after removing lilyturf invasion

Next year in 2019, I can start off from the first hints of those early morning birds. I am getting so anxious! Aren’t you?

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