Left Behind Big Hypertufa

Left Behind – My Big Hypertufa Isn’t Mine Anymore!

Left behind! My giant hypertufa trough, the biggest I have ever made, is with the new owners of our previous home now. I had to leave her behind. She was just too big and too heavy even with some of the soil out. I had no choice since even the guys all combined just could not move her. Super large hypertufa is heavy, even though it is lighter than what the equivalent in concrete would be. ( I took all the plants inside. Sure did.)

I made this giant trough in early summer of 2014 and I have written about it several times here on the blog. It was a great place for my plants and gave them a nice deep well of soil so that the plants spread and multiplied and bloomed very well. See these other posts:

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Fooling my self all along, I knew in my heart that it was not going to move with us when we sold the house. It is so large and so heavy and putting a lot of pressure on the sides pulling and lifting could have possibly broken it and I sure didn’t want that. I think the couple who bought the house liked it, so I comfort myself by knowing they will enjoy it too.

Too Big to Move - Left Behind Big Hypertufa

I am already planning to build another large hypertufa trough and that will take some major work. I will first have to decide where it will go and where it can fit because, just like the old one I Left Behind, once it is placed, it just cannot be moved.

The old T Rex Tufa was placed in the sun and bloomed very well with all the plants I had in it. I may plan this one for a shade trough so that I can grow different plants. I would really love to see some baby tears, small ferns and some other plants and mosses. I know that some of those won’t be hardy, so I have to be prepared to replant it every year. But I think I might like that. I wonder if I would like it out in the front garden? We shall see.

She was left behind also my firepit hypertufa

Really, it sounds like I left my most favorites behind, but I was able to take so many with me. I left the large bowl hypertufa made from a campfire pit.  But after all, I have all my daughter’s too which are now together at the new house, so it’s not like we don’t have enough. In fact, we are working on the arrangements here and I think I may retire some of the smaller ones. They just take too much care. But we’ll see. I could make some small vignettes from them with tiny plants that work well.

We worked together Sunday on the front beds, re-arranging and digging out more lily turf. Wow, that stuff has roots to Middle Earth, I swear. But we relocated all of it to the rear of the Garden Shed here at the new house. And it doesn’t get to be my garden shed. My husband and son-in-law took it over for their mowers and Quad-runner. But more on my “new” shed shed shop in a later post.

I left the big hypertufa behind, so sad!

Thanks for reading and bear with me as I work in the new garden and try it make it seem like it is my own.  I am still working on identifying some trees, bushes, and other plants. I know we have a Bradford pear in front and quite a few ninebark! Excited about seeing those fill out and bloom. Wish I could hold a meeting here and everyone just stroll around and let me know what these plants are!

So let’s get dirty! Rain is predicted by noon here in Ohio, so I will get busy!


  1. I would have needed oxygen and anxiety meds if I had to leave that behind. My hubby and sons moved huge rocks for me twice. Just found your site and know I will enjoy following it. Sadly I can’t do this level of gardening anymore. So will enjoy yours!

    1. Oh, I know what you mean. I have mourned for my T Rex tufa. Still combing over all my old photos. I vow to make another one.

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