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Enjoying Air Plants – Air Plant Care

For the past year, I have own a few air plants and I really think they are the easiest plants ever! Air plant care is so simple since all that is needed is a little water now and then. And good air circulation. Those that I have I just put into sea shells.

Yes, I just stick the bottom end into sea shells. Can it get any easier?

Air Plant Care - It's So Easy

Of course there are many other ways of displaying the plants and really anything that your imagination can come up with will probably work. That’s the beauty of these easy-care plants.

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Simple Air Plant Care

Air plants (Tillandsia) are a type of plant called epiphytes. Since they don’t need any soil, you can use them like little ( or big) ornaments almost. They can just lie on a bed of shells (such as one of mine does), or hang the air plant from a piece of ribbon or fishing line.

Air plant care is easy. All these plants need is good air circulation and a little bath each week. You can mist the plant every few days, but the way I have mine displaying ( I can’t really say planted, can I?), I just pick them up and put them in a bowl of water. I let them sit for a few hours and then pull them out, shake them off, and put them right back in the little shell or tie them back up on the string/ribbon.

Works for me! What could be easier?  I am in Ohio so I can’t leave mine outside in winter, but when you are longing for plants this time of year, I can get my air plants out and work in my Air Plant Garden.

Air Plant Care - Lying in a bed of sea shells

Twist them into some wire and dangle them from overhead. The silvery ones are supposed to be the most drought tolerant. So if you are one who tends to neglect your plants, it may be these are your perfect indoor plant decor.

Let your imagination go! I have seen some in small sea urchin shells dangling like little squid. So cute!

air plant care for tillandsia

I had previously written about the Spanish Moss and the Ball Moss which we saw and adored when we were in Florida. But my favorite (for now) is the tiny one I have in a little shell. It is the one at the top of the page. It is so colorful and pretty.

Plants are fascinating, right? Just dangle them in the air and they provide color in your home and outdoors too!  If you don’t have any, get just one and you will be hooked like the rest of us. Remember air plant care is easy. No green thumb is required!

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