Accepting changes Moving in with my daughter

Changes Going On In My World

Accepting Changes, I guess that is what life is all about. If there is one thing you can count on all your life, it will be that there will be changes and that you must deal with them when they occur.

Many of you who read my blog know that I wrote a few months back about Multi-generational living. We tried it out for a few months while my daughter and son-in-law sold their house. We tried a FSBO and guess what? It was a success and they closed on February 1st.

Accepting changes - Moving into a multi-generational household

But that is not all of the changes that will be going on. My house is up for sale also and we are negotiating a contract as I write this post. And why do I mention all this while I talk about changes?

We have decided to make it permanent. We are all moving in together into a new home. Yes, it worked out well enough that we have decided that should be our next step in this stage of our lives. Accepting changes is hard, but this will work out in the long run.

How Has It Worked Out?

Since I am writing this, I can only offer my perspective.  I have felt very useful and helpful in my daughter’s life since I am able to get up in the morning and make my grandson’s breakfast while she showers and gets ready for work. Previously, it was just a hectic rush to get it all fit in to her morning. But I can now help with that….

Doesn’t matter the hour or time she goes to work or gets home, I am always there for him. And if I am not for some reason, my husband is. She and her husband don’t have to worry about getting home for him or calling us over in a rush situation when they work over or get called in early. My grandson is old enough at 12 years old that he doesn’t add to my workload at all. It’s just “being there” that counts.

More time to relax and enjoy

I can plan dinner and have it ready for her when she gets home. No more getting home from work and starting supper with a child nagging about being hungry. And my daughter not even time to get into her “casual clothes.”

When I do the laundry, I can do hers just the same. She doesn’t have to spend all of her off days doing laundry, housework, cleaning. Now she still does do a lot of that, but now she doesn’t have the responsibility of doing it all….and working a full time job, sometimes 10-12 hour days.

And I get to see my grandson all the time…..and I love that.  I get to laugh with him and listen to him and be a bigger part of his life. It’s all good.

Changes As We Get Older

My husband and I are in pretty good health, not needing any care or nursing at all. But when might we need to have a house with less stairs? We both stay limber by climbing flights daily, but who knows what the future may be.  What happens to our house after we die and it needs emptied and sold?  Hey, let’s just do it now!

Wish us luck on our new adventures

But have we found a perfect house? Privacy for everyone? Separation in the household so that we have “our own space?”  Enough bathrooms? Pretty neighborhood with kids to play with?

Stay tuned!

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