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Wordless Wednesday – Ok, A Whittled Down Wednesday

I knew I couldn’t do it.

While taking some photos yesterday around my yard, I thought about doing a Wordless Wednesday as I have seen around on other websites and blogs. But then I thought ” How can you stay wordless?…Seriously?”

So I will offer some views of spring which are almost wordless.  Condensed?   Shortened?  Abridged?  Limited?

creeping jenny in the small runoff

Creeping Jenny has put out a full blanket in this moist area in the woods in our rear yard. I have been putting some Carpet Bugle out there too, and it is taking on a life of its own.

Grape hyacinth in spring

These grape hyacinths are multiplying in the edges of the garden and on into the path.  Such a pretty purple.

very orange moss

How about this moss covered stone or wood block? I am not sure which it is since it is so fully covered.

New chicks in spring

My hypertufa bowl of sempervivums has remained beautiful all season and you can see the tiny “chicks” peeping out all around.

Dandelions in spring

Dandelions are rampant in the woods area of the rear yard.  I think the moisture of the small drainage ditch or creek keep them thriving. Get it while you can, because it will quickly dry up!

Enjoy your garden and keep up with those weeds!

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