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Tiny Bike Basket Fail and Rescue!

Unfortunately, things don’t always work out!

I have mistakes and problems with my hypertufa setting up properly sometimes, just as you may or may not. So In the interest of full disclosure, I will show you what happened when I took the hypertufa baskets out of the tiny bike form.

It just doesn’t always work out, and sometimes we don’t know the reason why, but this time, it was just not meant to be. I only waited 24 hours, so it is possible that I didn’t wait long enough. But these little tufa baskets were so tiny, I am not sure that is the reason.

I also made several more containers with the same batch, and they all turned out fine. So it is just one of those flukes, and we just have to chalk it up to:  “It just wasn’t my day.”

I wanted to show you the film of me unwrapping it and attempting to get it out of its frame.  Maybe you won’t be discouraged when some of yours don’t work either. It happens to all of us sometimes.

My earlier hanging basket hypertufas that I made had a little more pliable wire framework, and this bike framework is more rigid. I should have known better. But guess what?  On to Plan B.

I have taken the large basket , and cut away the plastic from around the edges. As you see, I started to do that in the video, but decided why not wait for another 24 hours before I actually cut it completely away. I used a Box Cutter Knife and it worked perfectly. *

Larger Tufa Basket

So I will mix a new tiny bike basket batch and make a new hypertufa liner for the littler one, and then we will have the planter we planned on!  Lemonade from lemons!

Tell me about your failures. Have you had some too? Who hasn’t, right?

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