Stan Hywet Hall - Just a bit of the gardens

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens – Beautiful Greenhouse!

Knowing that I love gardens and plants plus historic mansions and museums, I couldn’t help but want to stop and see the Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens in Akron Ohio. And it was so worth the trip!

Stan Hywet (meaning Stone Quarry in Old English) is a gorgeous manor house and grounds donated to the public by its owner in 1957.

Stan Hywet Hall - The Japanese Gardens

F.A.Sieberling founded and opened The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company in Akron, Ohio that was to become the largest tire company in the world.

But touring those surrounding gorgeous gardens was a great adventure for me and I wanted to absorb all of those beautiful ideas for my own garden at home.

Stan Hywet Hall Manor Home
Stan Hywet Hall rear view

Of course, I can’t fit those 70 acres into my little tiny yard, but I can sure dream! Those cutting gardens alone were acres!

Delphiniums in the Stan Hywet Hall Gardens
Delphiniums in the Stan Hywet Hall cutting gardens

Rhododendrons were everywhere. We were there in late spring and the grounds were so pretty.

Pink rhododendrons at Stan Hywet Hall

The Greenhouse at Stan Hywet Hall

My daughter and I toured the whole ( or most of) the grounds and fell in love with the greenhouse. It was laid out so nicely and had so many plants that we also both grow at home.

Greenhouse at Stan Hywet Hall
Greenhouse at Stan Hywet Hall Gardens

So we were really impressed with how those plants grew when there is a lot of room and then ideal conditions of light and humidity. Some of the leaves were HUGE!

Here is a video that I made as my daughter and I strolled through the greenhouse.

Quick Tour of the Conservatory at the Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens - My Daughter & I had a Great Time!

Extensive Gardens at Stan Hywet Hall

At this beautiful and expansive estate there is one of the largest gardens I have seen in a while! There were acres and acres of cutting gardens and so many flowers were blooming while we were there.

Grapevine Allee at Stan Hywet Hall Gardens

Here is another view. It was a very long connecting walk to other parts of the garden.

View of the grapevine allee
I am sure that after June the vines grew more dense.

Beautiful trees and shrubbery were all over the grounds and I cannot imagine how much time and work goes into keeping them looking as wonderful as they looked.

We were touring there in late June and colors were fantastic. I could have spend days there just getting ideas.

Most plants had labels at Stan Hywet Hall Gardens

Most plants were well labeled and that made it so easy to know which ones I want to grow at home! I got so many ideas!

Delphiniums at Stan Hywet Hall

We loved our tour of these gardens. Everything was so beautiful and I would love to return again someday.

Inside the house reminded me so much of Downton Abbey that I almost feel I have been there. I could see so many similarities, I could imagine that I had been to Highclere Castle.

window ledge at Stan Hywet Hall
Can you imagine the line of plants I could have here?

Mrs Patmore would be right at home is this kitchen along with the rest of the staff.

kitchen Stan Hywet Hall
So many kitchen areas!

A giant cooking stove was here and it was big, but how could it cook enough food if the house was full of guests? The dining room could seat 40! Check out these rooms!

giant cookstove Stan Hywet Hall
close up of stove Stan Hywet Hall
  • House in total is 64,500 square feet
  • 65 rooms
  • 18 bedrooms
  • 25 bathrooms
  • 23 fireplaces
  • 12 chimneys
  • indoor pool
  • central vacuuming system

And this house was built in 1915 when opulent buildings were the trend. Yes, I guess it was opulent!

indoor pool at Stan Hywet Hall

I wish I had more photos to show, but I was reprimanded as I took videos of the music room. drawing room, stairs, phone booth room, bedrooms, etc. Apparently it is against the rules to video unless you’ve paid fees.

But check out my video above of the greenhouse or Corbin Conservatory. What a beautiful and inspirational place. I could have stayed all day!

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