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Not Worried About Social Distancing. I’ve Got Gardening To Do!

I just couldn’t help but address the pandemic situation in the whole world today with all the frantic toilet paper hoarding, grocery-store-Black-Friday madness, and just the dreaded threat of being  socially distant from the outside world. Yes, I have gone out and found some things to stock up on, of course. ( Got some toilet paper for sure. That’s something you REALLY don’t need to be without.)

But the threat of not having movies and tournament games and concerts and all those things that most people entertain themselves with, that doesn’t bother me a bit because….I am a gardener!

lady in a field of purple flowers

I garden outdoors in the summer and indoors in the winter and I enjoy every bit of it. Bring on the spring showers and I can weed. Bring on the windy days and I will take time to deadhead and trim.

If it is snowing outside, I can tend my plants indoors, clipping new cuttings for propagation, or re-potting and re-planting just to see how cute that plant looks like in a new pot.

I make my own pots mostly from hypertufa, and I always have some spare Portland cement to work with, so I know I can spend my time making a new one or repairing and old broken one.

dark wooden privacy fence with gazing ball

There is no fear in me of being isolated from the outside world because I don’t need a place to go or something to do to entertain myself. My garden is my entertainment and I can work there all alone or with my family if they want to join me.

I can be content in my own little piece of heaven… and I like it.

I am in the older age group who is supposed to be more vulnerable to the Pandemic sickness going around now in early 2020. But I am healthy and don’t feel compromised in any way. I do wish that everyone comes through this crisis in the best health possible. Keep your loved ones in touch and take care of yourself.

lady weeding a garden

Wishing you the best in this crisis.

I can do this. I am a gardener and we always trust in tomorrow. The scent of some of my spring flowers blooming in the basement brings me hope for the spring and summer to come. Even the scent of the soil is somehow soothing when I do allow myself to get worried. But a new tiny bud of a new plant growing where it just shouldn’t be able to grow keeps my faith constantly restored.

image of hyacinth in vase

We will get through this. I know because I am a gardener, and a gardener always has faith in tomorrow. Right? Keep safe and well.

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