image closeup of aloe pups

Separating My Aloe Pups From The Mom

Last spring I made a hypertufa planter especially for my new Aloe plant. It was an Aloe Crosby Prolific. And that potted plant has grown so well this year that it now has too many pups or babies and they are all crowding each other out of the pot.  I have to separate my aloe pups.

It is no real accomplishment on my part since an aloe creates pups easily. Most of the time you will have more pups than you know what to do with. So I have decided that this spring, during its growing season, is the perfect time to separate them.

image of Aloe Crosby's Prolific

I am not sure which will be the Mother Plant since they have all grown so well, but I have got to give room to some of the larger plants in the middle. In the video, we will see how root bound it may or may not be. I suspect that we are outgrowing our hypertufa pot. But I have a lot more where that one came from!

Quite a few of the leaves have dried up and will have to be removed. This Crosby’s Prolific has “thorns” so I may need some long tweezers to handle digging inside and I will wear gloves most of the time.

image of dried up aloe pups

When I am separating the aloe pups or offsets, some will have roots and others may not. But it really doesn’t matter because most of the time they will just go ahead and grow some roots off the main stem when they are planted in good-draining soil. Since this is a succulent plant that stores its own water, good drainage is a must. #affiliate link – I am using the Miracle Grow Cactus Soil plus adding a little more perlite to be sure of drainage.

Separating Aloe Pups from Aloe "Crosby's Prolific" in Hypertufa. Now I Have Too Many!

I plan to put these offsets or pups outside for the summer and will determine whether or not I will take them inside for the winter. Here in Ohio, USDA Zone 6, they will not survive unless I bring them inside. But I have to make wise decisions when that time come. Only the best looking will get to come in. Do you hear that puppies?

Didn’t the planters turn out well as you can see at the end of the video? I sure hope I have lot of new pups next year. Or do I?

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