photo of sedeveria jet beads

Sedeveria Jet Beads Are Blooming – But Not The Right Color?

Earlier this past spring, I purchased a tiny plant called Sedeveria Jet Beads. It was labeled as that and seems to fit all the images I can find over the Internet to be sure it is correctly labeled. But now my Sedeveria Jet Beads is blooming and I am unsure once again.

You see, all the info I can find says it blooms in summer and that the blooms are yellow. My blooms seem to be either white or the palest of pink. This makes me wonder if it is not actually the plant that I think it is.

phot of sederveria jet beads

Sedeveria is a cross between sedum and echeveria. This particular plant is supposed to stay small, such as about 4-5 inches tall, so it seems to be a great one that I could plant in a succulent terrarium. A lot of my succulents have outgrown their terrariums that I originally planted them in and, of course, that means a re-potting is in order.  Some day I will get to that.

I did pot up some tiny pieces either that fell off my original plant or that “hitch-hiked” onto my original little plastic nursery pot. They have grown a bit since last spring but are still very tiny. These plants grow slowly and these starts surely fit the rule. Here is a photo of them. I put a coin in there so that you could have something to compare the size.

image of pupping sedeveria

Just in case you are new to succulents and wonder when to water them, I thought I would include this photo of the Momma plant as it looks when it needs watering. The hypertufa pot’s porosity helps to keep it from sitting in too wet of a soil mix, but it also sometimes needs a little more watering than in another pot that won’t let it “breathe” as easily.

See how the leaves start to pucker or get lines in them when it needs moisture? Once you’ve watered, the lines just fade away within a few hours. Sometimes I think the drying out stimulates a plant to flower too. Have you had any experience with that?

image showing succulent needs water

Perhaps these flowers that I have on my plant are a throwback to a sedum flower as opposed to an echeveria flower which usually grows on a stalk and hangs like a bell?  Not sure why it would not be yellow though. But references, such as Mountain Crest gardens, advise that the flowers are yellow and in summer.

image of jet beads blooming

If you can identify this as a different plant, please let me know. Meanwhile I will keep referring to it as the Sedevaria Jet Beads until I learn differently. And I love that it is blooming. That means it’s happy, right?

Sedeveria Jet Beads Care

  • Mature height 4-5inches
  • Grows on a single stem (here is where the name comes from)
  • Cooler temps darken its color
  • Sun or indirect sun
  • Well-draining soil, drought tolerant
  • Propagate from leaf or cuttings
  • Outdoors USDA Zone 10-11, great houseplant
  • Reluctant to bloom, but blooms yellow in summer (?)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think this plant is a Sedum nussbaumerianum

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