Rock Garden Hypertufa Trough

Revisit the Rock & Hypertufa Garden

The Rock Garden at the Community Center

is growing slowly since we planted it about two months ago. I explained in an earlier post about the new venture for our Master Gardener project here in the community

It is growing well but slowly. I am a little concerned about the drainage, as it appears to me that water appears to have been puddling in the beds, causing that washed through look. What do you think? I think some of the gravel rock is being exposed and I am not really liking the look of it.

The beginnings of our Rock Garden

I think that we need to add more plants to the hypertufa garden or hopefully these will grow more to fill in. I am not a fan of the gravel or smaller loose stone.  I would prefer maybe a finer small stone on the surface. But that is just my preference. I need to get together with our committee so we can discuss it.

The hypertufa troughs and bowl look good. ( I didn’t make those, they came from Cox Arboretum. They make them on site for their rock garden displays. )

Hypertufa trough at Rock Garden

I would be glad to add some of my hypertufa creations,  but I  must get the approval of our chairperson.  I want to add some Erodium too! I think it would spread and look really nice.

Let me know what you think about our rock garden or hypertufa garden. Am I being too critical? We need a lot more plants, not to mention some decorative tiny gravel.

What is your take on this?



  1. I think it’s looking really good. It is going to be great when it fills in! The only thing I’d add would be a few really large rocks but those are hard to find for free and hard to put in a planting bed…because they’re so dang heavy!

    1. Kim Smith says:

      I think a few more large rocks would help in giving it dimension, right! It is just a little too flat. Thanks for your input. And thanks for commenting here.

  2. Kim, I think it’s lovely! Don’t be too hasty to fill in all the blank spots – alpine gardens are meant to be more sparse than a country style garden. Fill in with the small gravel. You might be interested in seeing the UnH2O Garden to see what it will look like (click on my name).

    1. Kim Smith says:

      Thanks for your input. I guess I am a little too anxious. We just planted in mid-May, I think. Guess our next meeting I will see what the others think. But it probably just needs time. Your UNH20 is nice.

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