image of hypertufa bowl being watered with garden hose

I Have To Get Finished Replanting Hens & Chicks

OK, I really know the answer to my problem to get finished replanting Hens & Chicks. Stop buying more! I have so many that are waiting for a hypertufa pot to cure or leach, so I need to put on the brakes!

But there are hypertufa planters waiting and ready, so I need to buckle down and get them planted. I decided to wait for a morning when it was cooler outside (comparatively) and before the sun gets up over the trees and puts out so much glaring light.

Be sure to catch the video that I will link later down the page.

image of large hypertufa bowl with hens and chicks planted

I gathered up my potting soil and my usual Poultry grit or Chicken grit, but when I mixed my formula this time, I didn’t make the mix as “lean” as I usually do. If you remember from a previous post, my Hens & Chicks growing directly into Well-Draining mulch are really doing well.  Could the reason be the extra nutrients?

image of potting supplies - soil, grit, bowl, plants

So to capitalize on that notion, I am going to plant my Hens & chicks in a little richer soil this time. Maybe they will do better. We always have to experiment and learn new things. I am still not sure where I am planting more of that Lemon Coral sedum, but I have a lot of empty hypertufa waiting!

Potting Up Hens & Chicks in A Large Hypertufa Bowl

The soil mix I have decided to use is just about 20% chicken grit and it’s looking very rich.  I have mixed it well. These plants were very dry as you can see and hear during the video. They were left in their containers and we had a lot of rain. So they were too wet. Then I put them under the overhang porch. Yep, they got too dry. Good thing they are resilient.

image of two containers filled with soil

Hens & Chicks in Hypertufa

Making this hypertufa bowl from a large tub hypertufa mold gives it a larger depth than some of my bowls, but it is wider in diameter. I felt that these Hens & Chicks that I purchased in a set of 6 plugs would fit the bowl just right. I think it turned out fine.

image of hens and chicks next to hypertufa bowl

I saved a large Mother Hen for the middle of the bowl. She seemed very evenly circular and, as you can see, was pretty well tightened up in her inner leaves to conserve water. Most sempervivum will curl their leaves up closely when dry, then re-open or spread out as they absorb water. I think she is very pretty.

image of large round sempervivum with tight leaves

Caught One of the Hummers on Film

If you watch through until the end of the video, you will see where I caught one of my hummingbirds on film. This seldom happens since they will fly and feed all the time until I get a camera out. But I left the camera filming setting on the handrail for about 20 minutes while I cleaned up my mess. Caught one twice! I was so thrilled.

image of hummingbird on feeder

Thanks for reading today and be sure to PIN and watch the video too. I love making these videos and posting about what I have done. It keeps me active and using my brain these days.

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