Sunny living room

Making A Plant Room From An Unused Living Room

What should I do with an unused room? For a plant lover, how can I help but want to use it for making another plant room?

In my case, the house that we bought two years ago has a sunny unused living room and a family room. I guess these days most homes have both of those rooms. Since we only use the family room where the fireplace and TV are, we rarely used the living room.

houseplants and two armless chairs
In the night, the room feels cozy

I had furniture in that room consisting of many plant tables and a love seat and two chairs. But we rarely sat in there at all. Really , unless I was in there to water plants or re-arrange things, we were hardly in that room.

If you live in my area of SW Ohio, you may have heard of a place called Home2Home that takes your furniture on consignment and sells it for you. They keep 50% and you get the remaining 50% minus a fee if they pickup your furniture via truck.

empty living room with gray rug

We have consigned a lot of furniture through them and made more with less trouble than, for instance, Facebook MarketPlace. I listed some hand tools and a Scooter on Marketplace and it was so hectic! My mistake was listing 7 items all at the same time!

Maybe they were particularly “in demand” at the time, but 20-25 requests an hour of “Is it still available?” and “Can you donate it to me because of………?” got me really frazzled.

few houseplants and tables in empty room

Then when you get a Truly Interested Person, giving your address and phone numbers, insisting on cash only gets sometimes a little “wheel and deal” mode kicking in.

Many people seemed to feel that if they told me they wanted an item, that meant it was on hold for them. It had to be first one here with the $$$ will get the item.

Too much stress. And I don’t need more stress. Home2Home takes the furniture and you wait til sold and go pick out more plant tables….I mean the money, husband dear!

deep window sill full of plants

Why This Unused Living Room For Plants?

Well, why not? I have plants on tables and sitting near windows on the floor throughout the house, but since this is such a bright and sunny room, I think plants should be here.

This room faces predominantly west so there is sunshine all day. Two big maples are out front but those shade trees are offset to the opposite end of the house.

wide window sill with row of houseplants

With the shade of those trees, I have my “shade garden” out front. Not deep shade but not full sun either.

I see making this a plant room as a wonderful thing. The delight of waking up each morning and being greeted by lush and green area of houseplants is a feeling beyond compare.

sunny windowsill with asparagus fern and persian shield
Maybe Persian Shield getting too much light?

The tranquility that a home full of plants imparts is incredibly grounding. They transform my space into an oasis of calm and serenity, a much-needed sanctuary from the bustling outside world.

Perhaps I should be out shopping for new plants? Yes, sounds like a plan!

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