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Announcing A Bloom -My Hoya Is Flowering – My First & Only Bloom!..But Wait….

I have a hoya carnosa houseplant that I have had since the spring of 2019 and I have been anxiously awaiting a bloom. I wrote about it on a post a while back but really didn’t have too much hope.

But she has astounded me with a BLOOM!

image of hoya carnosa with large bloom

But when should I expect a hoya carnosa to bloom? My answer would be whenever she decides she is in the mood!LOL. There are some bits of advice that can be found around on the internet.

I have watered her and fed her, just like the books and Google says. Let her dry out completely. Don’t water in winter while she “sleeps.” Keep her pot bound. But I still had no flowers.

image of hand holding a blooming hoya

As you can see in some of the photos, I usually water her when she shows me she needs it by getting a little wrinkly looking. Over watering contributes to root rot and we all know that our houseplants don’t like to be over watered.

image of hoya leaves slightly withered needs watered

I feed her with plant food with a high middle number  10-15-10 so that she gets extra phosphorus. That is supposed to promote blooming.

One of the subscribers here gave me the advice to add calcium, so maybe that helped too. Here is a link to that product. Cal Mag Liquid Plant Food.  I had only given her one dose about a month ago. Hmmmm…

image of a large hanging pot of hoya carnosa

The hoya’s flowering stages are really unusual, it seemed to me. A bud (it’s called a peduncle) hangs on a short stem ( called a pedicel.)

At first, it just looks like one of the other leaf buds, but then it appears to get “bumpy” looking. That was my clue to knowing I had an actual flower coming.

image of tiny peduncle forming on hoya carnosa houseplant

These flowers (in the shape of umbels) take weeks to grow larger and develop that actual flower.

That structure of the soon-to-be-flower grows longer strands that fan out into something resembling a skirt on a lady’s dress…or at least the ones worn back in the 1860s.

image of umbels forming on hoya ready to bloom


Best Conditions for Hoya to Bloom

Most of the time, good lighting can help to get blooms. More light means more flowers. I have mine in an east-facing window so that it gets sunlight in the early part of the day, and bright light for the remainder.

A Hoya’s water requirements are like a typical succulent plant. Water when it gets very dry. Most of the time, I watch for a wrinkled look to the leaves to know she needs water. Use room temperature water. She may be a little finicky.

image up close on new pink growth of Hoya carnosa

During the year, feed with a fertilizer with a higher middle number such as 10-15-10. That middle number is the phosphorus which supports blooming.  I use a Schultz All Purpose 10-15-10 Plant Food and she gets about 7 drops each watering.

Age – They are said to bloom only after 5-7 yrs old and if a vine is at least 3 feet long. I have some long vines so maybe this is a true fact.

Stems – Don’t trim those stems, that’s where the blooms appear.  I read about some “friend” who helped out and trimmed off all the dangley vines to make the plant neater. That poor plant Mommy!

Trimming or pruning– don’t trim where flowers have bloomed, they come back in the same spot.  And read that one above one more time!

Deadheading – Here is where I think I need to follow the rules. Cut only the tips of the flower, leave the pedicel? Is that right? So I will be cutting off those tips only and leaving the little stems. They will dry up and fall off? I will sure update when that happens.

Hoya Bloom spurs – flowers bloom again on this spur left from the old flower. So this spur will form after I correctly deadhead like I said above. Again I will need to update if/when I do this correctly.

image of the backside of hoya blooming

How Long Do the Blooms Last?

I haven’t yet had the experience to know. ( When mine bloomed about 15 years ago, a plant that I had at that time, I don’t even remember.) But checking for information, it seems that the Hoya blossom can last up to a couple of weeks. I sure hope I am that lucky. I will have to update when it begins to fade.

How Long Does It Take to Bloom After Peduncle Appears?

In my case, we found the beginnings of what we thought was a peduncle about June 18 and it grew slowly over the next few weeks, blooming or opening on July 17. So in my case, and I don’t know if that is typical, but it took a month from discovery to blooming.

Best News Ever!

We have found two more peduncles. I am truly blessed this year. I hope more keep coming.

image of Hoya peduncle in the bumpy stage

image of another forming flower on my hoya

To say we are giddy with excitement is an understatement. You would think there is a newborn baby in the house. Look at all the proud Mommies and Daddies.  Be sure to check out the video too. And PIN to your Houseplant board on Pinterest!

image of two people with cameras snapping photos of hoya bloom




  1. Kath Melby says:

    I’ve had a hearty hoya for decades but it only had an occassional flower. Until last year when I lost count at around 30 blossoms!

    1. Oh Wow! congratulations! Mine has gone into a resting period and has stopped blooming. Hopefully will start again soon.

  2. My Hoya just produced some blooms! I completely understand your excitement! I’m feeling it too! Great article!

  3. Holly the Hoya Lover says:

    I found the page researching a few things because I, too, have my first Hoya bloom! I’m sure this is an old post, I didn’t look to see when it was published, so it’s possible you already know this, but your plant is a H. carnosa ‘Krimson Queen’ which is one of the albo-marginated varieties. Truly a favorite of mine.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I think it is a Krimson Queen too! And mine is still blooming as we speak. I am not sure why it has bloomed continuously since last February, but no gripes from me! I just feed and water it (very dry between watering) and just keeps on blooming!

    2. My Hoya has been blooming for about 2 months, how long will this last?

      1. In my case, my hoya has been blooming continuously for two years during all seasons. Sometimes the scent in the room is overpowering. Love it!

  4. You didn’t mention a fragrance? Some have a very potent unusual scent. Amazingly cool ! Louise

  5. Great pics & info great tips. I could

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