Goodbye to Summer… Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Officially, the summer will end in a few days.

The leaves on the trees are turning colors slowly, but it looks so beautiful in the morning sun.  I love the chilly mornings when I need a robe to go outside and drink my coffee. But the pleasure of seeing the fog drifting across the area and the steam lifting from my coffee cup. These are the pleasures of autumn.  See more Backyard Flower Garden posts here.


The garden is winding down, even though there is still a lot of color. My trees out back are just beginning to show a little color , and the trees in front have just a little peeping through. I think all the yellows and oranges will be here right on time. Here in Ohio, that peaks usually in mid-October.

Goodbye to Summer

My balloon flowers are still going strong, looking as pretty as the were in early summer. The secret is to keep deadheading!

Sleepy Bee in the Balloon Flowers

I have a lot of alyssum from self-seeding, just dropped seed from years and years of enjoying  it. Alyssum smells so wonderful, and in the evenings walking through the garden, I can smell the scent drifting in the breeze.


Sweet autumn clematis is just about finished here. I have little swirly tufts left now. And since I will be digging this up and moving it, I hope that it will survive. But, since I have moved this monster three times before, I think it will be OK. I love the picture of the clematis engulfing the lilac bush on the left of the photo. The bees just LOVE this plant. I love to smell sweet autumn in the air!

Sweet autumn clematis engulfing a lilac on the left. Sorry, this is an old photo.

It is time to say goodbye to summer which includes some of these flowers, since they will be dying down as all the perennials do. I hope all of mine will be back in the spring, ready to put on another show. That is the beauty of your garden, and why we keep doing it year after year. It is our faith that it will always come back, renewed and ready to put on the wonderful display again, that keeps our gardener’s soul going.

photo fall collage

All my hypertufa troughs will be spending the winter outside in the snow and ice. Hopefully, our weather won’t be so extreme this year, getting to -30° for long periods of time. Brrrr! I hated that and dread to see it come again. So does my heat bill!

How is your garden doing this fall?


  1. I have quite a lot of self-sown Alyssum in my garden too, I love it. My garden is winding down too, getting ready for our very rainy fall and winter, here in the PNW. I’m going to be doing some concrete/cement work this year, during the non-gardening season . I’ve already made four stepping stones.

    1. It is sad to see the summer fade. I am not a winter person. Wonder why I live in Ohio anyway. LOL

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