My Golden Pothos Epipremnum aureum - This is such an easy plant, perfect for beginners and needs little care.

Another Plant Haul Re-potting – Golden Pothos

Yes, I keep bringing more plants into the house. In a recent Plant Haul, I picked up a Golden Pothos and I thought I might make a video of that re-potting process. Up to this time, I had not planned to start a lasting indoor garden for house plants, but all of a sudden I find myself getting deeper and deeper into houseplants and an irresistable desire to buy more and more.

Luckily my daughter shares the same obsession and we are a dangerous pair to let loose in the garden center. But there are so many plants to choose from there that it is hard to restrain oneself, right? And these house plants really do add something to the decor of the house. Besides my area in the basement where I have the grow lights, I have to fill the windows of the house too, don’t I?

Easy Houseplant - Golden Pothos

As for the Golden Pothos (Epipremnum aureum), it is such an easy house plant for anyone to grow, it can be a beginner plant if you haven’t been used to taking care of plants already. It can tolerate just about any light, so even if you don’t think you have enough light, this one can still thrive with not a lot of effort. We have one in the kitchen in an inner corner near my coffee station, under the cabinets, and it is growing bigger and bigger. Every few weeks, I pull it over to the sink and water it by soaking.

Golden Pothos - More light makes more golden streaks

Hint: An easy way to take care of this plant is by setting it inside a basket in its original nursery pot. Then take it from the basket every few weeks and run water through it, let it drain for 10-20 minutes, then return it to the basket and back to the corner again. See, no work at all!

Plant Pick: Golden Pothos ( Epipremnum aureum)

  • Usually indoor houseplant, but can be grown outdoors
  • Tolerates low light conditions, great for office or bathrooms
  • Only needs water every few weeks, recovers quickly if left dried out
  • Trailing or cascading over bookshelves or plant stands
  • Easily propagated by sticking cuttings in water to root
  • You can leave in water or keep in soil, grows either way
  • Keep bushy by snipping off long vines
  • Great in hanging baskets or aquariums
  • Can be toxic if consumed by your pets or children

The Golden Pothos does have many other names such as Money Plant, Ceylon creeper and ivy arum. One of its names is Devil’s Ivy. That is because it is an invasive species in some parts of the world. When it can be grown outdoors all year around, it can easily grow fast and get out-of-hand. So the Devil’s Ivy has a logical name, right? In those regions it is almost impossible to kill, and it says it can even grow in the dark!

Golden Pothos - Easy Low Light House Plant - Fast Growing!

As you can see in the video, I am currently sitting (almost) under my two latest additions to the household. Two more potted Pothos.  I want it to grow and cascade across my desk to that I can enjoy it while I work and write.  As fast as it grows. It will be trailing off the desktop by end of summer, I suppose.

Perhaps I will train it up a totem and let it grow on the other side of the window. I just wonder how tall it would get. Guess I will have to do that as an experiment. I like those that I see in the garden centers growing up the poles. Hey, I will have to get some starts in water!

My daughter would like to add some cuttings above our cabinetry in the kitchen and let it dangle and cascade down the sides. I think that would look great, don’t you? The guys will start complaining that we live in a jungle!

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