image of dying Golden Hahnii

Can I Rescue My Golden Hahnii ? It’s Dying !

I think my Sanseveria trifasciata “Golden Hahnii” is dying. Just putting it out there. I am making a feeble attempt to save her, but it is probably a lost cause and I am not sure what I did wrong.

Did she die of root rot? I kept her very dry.

Was it some kind of fungus infection? Did fungus gnats have anything to do with it?

image of propagating Golden Hahnii

All of these questions are ones that I guess I will never really know the answer to. My small Golden Hahnii had grown a lot over the past year, and there were three baby sprouts coming up. I didn’t water her very often at all since I know snake plants won’t need it, especially in the winter. She has a big cousin, a Sanseveria trifasciata “Laurentii” or Striped Sanseveria, and she is doing really well. You can see her in the video.

Why is this particular plant is so affected?  I am not sure unless the yellow coloring attracts more gnats to him. It could be that the fungus larvae are attacking the roots and causing the whole plant to die. I found a reference to the damage that these larvae can do to my plants on this site. For instance: ” This ( he is referring to the larvae population in the soil) can weaken the plants, stunting their growth and causing sudden wilting or yellowing of the leaves. In severe infestations plants may drop their leaves and new growth can be disfigured.”

image of roots of Golden Hahnii

Could I Have Over-watered?

It seems to me that this would be the least likely cause of the problem. In fact, dying from no water would be a more logical cause. I rarely water this plant and I am the only one who waters the plants in our house. It couldn’t be that both my daughter and I were watering separately. In any case, we would first test the soil with our finger or a meter to see if it needed water before we poured some into the plant.

The original pot was a much larger pot than this particular plant needed and I have read that the Golden Hahnii likes “tight feet,” so I am transplanting it into a much small pot to see if that helps in its growth.

image of new pot

Here is the video of my repotting process. It is new soil mix with great drainage potential, a smaller and potentially tighter pot. Also as you see in the video, I have treated with Neem Oil and sprayed the surface of the new soil with it too. Any other suggestions?

Root Rot On My Sanseveria Golden Hahnii ? Can I Rescue It?

Now the only thing I can do is sit and wait for it to finally just finish dying or perhaps to root and make me a new plant. It seems unlikely either way because it just looks too far gone, but I have to try anyway. Maybe I should have put a little rooting hormone on those cuttings?  I will update you on what happens. Thanks for reading and for watching my video.

Update: Jan 8, 2020 The plant died. She started to get white fungus growing and all the leaves were turning brown. I just took her out away from all the plants and put her in the garbage.

image of dying golden hahnii
By a week later, she has gone beyond help.

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