fairy tents or spider webs with dew

Fairy Tents Or Spider Hideouts?

Are they fairy tents or spider hideouts?

The garden is so beautiful in the early morning when I walk out to check things over. It is always nice to walk out there to the chirping of the birds. There is a certain time in the morning when the birds first wake up and begin to sing and chirp while it is still dark but sun up is just about to arrive. Perfect time of day to be in the garden.

But I am a morning person.

And even though I promise myself to keep an eye out for the spider webs, I don’t always see them and walk right into them. Quick intense cardio workout, right?

fairy tents or spider hideouts

It is an interesting and wonderful site to see all of the little “fairy tents” across the garden, suspended between the blossoms and stems of the flowers. They do really look like there was a fairy party and all the little tents were put up to shelter tiny little party goers.

FairyTents or Spider Hideouts - The Hypertufa Gardener

But we know that those are spider hideouts, don’t we?  Some of those spiders like to build a little tent with a big hole in the middle and we know that the Horrible Fanged Creature is down in that hole.

But then there must be the spiders that skydive all night and create a huge invisible web for me to walk through. At first, I just think “What is tickling my cheek?” and at the same instant I start hopping and swatting and getting away from that spot.

Hence my early morning cardio workout.

Spiders are good for the Garden

They may seem creepy but these spiders are good for your garden since they eat those things that we don’t want attacking our plants… or us for that matter. Their webs trap mosquitoes, moths, flies, wasps, and hornets among others. So they help to reduce some of these in our gardens.

Check out this video ( not mine) and see how fast the spider can spin the big wasp into a cocoon.

This is not my video. It is from YouTube by 469jh

Even though spiders are not insects, they can be killed by insecticides so be careful if you use these in your gardens. Many beneficial insects and spiders can be killed along with the harmful ones you want to get rid of.

Early Morning Spider - Orb Weaver - The Hypertufa Gardener

So try and not be creeped out by the spiders in the garden because they are a good thing. We want them there since they eat about 2000 insects a year. Otherwise wouldn’t we be over run by those other insects?  Reference:

 But meanwhile we will still think of those as fairy tents, and not spider hideouts, right? And I will continue my spider-web-induced cardio workouts. I will never learn.


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