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Turning the Blogging Ship: Embracing Change and Growth

I am planning on expanding my niche or diversifying what I write about in my posts. As you may have noticed, I have written here and there about other subjects than hypertufa, making hypertufa, planting in hypertufa, and lots of information about hypertufa.

But I am more and more wanting to branch out or diversify these days. Expanding my topics and areas of interest shouldn’t be a problem as it seems, on my Google statistics, that a great deal of my visitors are clicking into my recipes, canning, etc.

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Many of my visitors come to the website for the few recipes that I have here on the blog. I would like to write more, but since that is NOT my niche, I hesitate. But why should I worry? If I write another planting post, some visit, and some don’t.

So why not write about what I want and whatever I decide is relevant at that time? At my age, this blog is for my fun and entertainment and to earn some coin too. I started my blog 10 years ago this month and I am ready to expand!

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What Changes Will Happen?

As I diversify my niche, you may not even notice a change at all. It seems that a lot of my visitors visit recipes, canning, plant information posts, and others. So you may only as a sideline note that fewer hypertufa posts are published.

Now I don’t mean I will not be writing about hypertufa, but I plan to write about whatever is going on in my life at the time. After all, things have changed in ten years since I started and I am going with the flow.

But when something comes up regarding hypertufa and I need to provide some information, I will gladly write posts about that too. For instance, I am getting ready to re-design and update my kitchen and I would love to write about that. Is that something you would like to read?

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Meanwhile, if you start seeing canning and cooking and working on my home and yard, just know that I am still here for my loyal readers who continue to look for hypertufa-making information and those how-to posts that you also like.

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Advancing With The Times

Who knows if anyone would want to read about some of the things I will write about? Do you care how I decided to go gray? But the way I feel is that if you don’t like that subject, just choose something else.

For those of you still reading, I decided to write this post because of some of the remarks I get via email and comments on YouTube that say “What has this got to do with hypertufa?” as if that is the ONLY subject that I am “allowed” to write about. Hint: I don’t like to be told what to do!

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I find it sad that people feel that they have control over what I can and cannot do. So easy to just swipe on to some other page that fills your needs, right? This isn’t an airport and it’s not necessary to announce your departure!

So expect to see some different topics when I write and please enjoy if you like….or Swipe Left and travel on. I hope you decide to read!

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