Declutter My Garden Shed - Hot Work in the summer

How’s My Little She Shed? Declutter Time!

I don’t seem to be great at planning. I am always choosing to do a project at the wrong time of year or just before a heat wave. So what am I doing this humidity-soaked time of year? I am working to declutter my garden shed. My She Shed.

Of course, at this time of year, it is so hot in there that I worry about fainting from heat exhaustion. But I am trying to be wise and just work in the early morning hours. Not a problem for me because I always wake up early. Like 4am early. I just long for those times that I could sleep late….like when I worked and hit the snooze button 3 times each morning. And that was when I had the alarm set for 5:00 am! ( I take a long time to get ready. Coffee must be enjoyed for an hour each morning before I can face the day.)

Wallpaper Your Garden Shed with Extra Magazines - This is part of my renewal of the She Shed. I am working to de-clutter my garden shed.

I had mentioned in an earlier post from July 2016 about using all those old magazines to wallpaper the She Shed.  I think I have gradually covered it all and even put up some photos over old ones. I think it is colorful and pretty. My daughter thinks I have lost my mind. Maybe we are both right!  It is…..colorful inside. But it cheers me up. And I’ve unloaded so many magazines. The rest went to the recycle bin. ( Actually, don’t tell my husband, but it clears the way for new ones. )

Speaking of the decluttering, I have said “Let It Go” to quite a few of hypertufa molds that I have. It was ridiculous how many were stacking up. ( Don’t tell my husband that he was right after all.) I can only use so many at one time, so why I felt that I needed 200 of them I will never know. But I have eliminated a lot (recycle) and now at least I can see what I have available.

I have a lot of hypertufa molds left after I worked and declutter my garden shed.

I keep most of my hypertufa molds in a small shed that used to be the pump house for the pool. The pool is history but we put some shelves in there and I stacked and stacked various plastic bins, bowls, tubs, drawers……are you feeling me on this one?  You know what I mean if you are a fanatic hypertufa maker. Everything you see is a mold possibility. I was out of control.

Now I have just saved my biggest and most favorites. Yes, it was hard giving some of those up. But I did. I know I can only make four or five at one time. And in two days they are freed up for another batch. I really didn’t need so many molds.

Soil bin with sifter top and chicken feed scoop

By the way, see the large peat moss sifter my husband made for me? It is awesome to use when I need a large amount of peat moss for a project.  It doubles as the lid for my Repurposed Soak Sink Soil bin. I worry about cats coming in the shed to “go potty” in that soil bin. Do you blame me?  I don’t keep the garden shed door open all the time, but for most of the day, I am in and out so it stays open. I try my best to run and shut it when it rains!  I have forgotten and left it open overnight sometimes. That’s why I need to lid over it. It’s not a potty!

Declutter My Garden Shed and My Wallpaper Project

My little grandson “sold” me this garden shed when he was little. He liked to play in it and I kept all the “bad” tools out of the way so he could have fun. I still have the little paper where he wrote up a sale. At least to him it was a receipt for a sale.  His SpongeBob giant pen still hangs out there.  And a bumblebee watering pot! Precious memories!

It is still cluttered, but more orderly chaos.

I hope you enjoy the video and are cheered with my colorful garden shed. It is better than the boring particle board walls. And I have a handy reference for some things… least until I glue something over them!  Here is a photo of the opposite end of the garden. I love my gravel paths and they are wonderful for keeping the weeds down.   Happy gardening!

The Hypertufa Gardener - My Garden view

Here are some links to Amazon for the products I used in applying my “wallpaper.”  I am an affiliate and could earn a commission if you make a purchase.  Remember my experience may not be the same as yours since operator error does come into play. My skills are a little lacking for wallpapering.

Minwax Polycrylic 
Loctite Spray Adhesive 
3M Super 77

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