Game of Gardens - Not Really

Game of Gardens – And I Am The Khaleesi!

Just a nice morning walk through my garden,  and what do I find?……………..HOLES! Those chipmunks or squirrels have been at it again. This is so annoying! I can’t stand those little hole diggers! And that goes for cats and dogs too!  Ok, so if it is war, then I will fight for the Throne!

And I won’t fall into the trap of using Sparrows to help me fight. I refused to be brainwashed and let them take over. I can do it my way.  See, I am on the Dragon with my sword. I am the Khaleesi of this garden!

If you can’t tell by now, or just think I have completely lost my mind, I am a fan of Game of Thrones. It had been on for years, but I just started watching it last year and  binge-watched five seasons of shows so that I would be ready for the sixth season premiere. ( Yes, I just knew Jon Snow was alive.) And now we are in Season 7!

Game of Gardens

Both my kids watch the show, and before you gasp, they are grown adults. The show has a lot of violence, gruesome violence, and sexual content, but the kids talked about it so much, I just had to get in on the conversation.

Well, it was addicting. It is a really good story line and plot. There were a few times I had to clutch my pearls! Yes, it is adult. Very adult. And I remember my Dad who disapproved of us watching “Gone With The Wind” because Rhett used the word “damn.”  

But if you would like to watch, here is a link to purchase the first season. Go ahead and binge. 

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Hole diggers are squirrels - The Hypertufa Gardener

But now back to the war in my Westeros Garden!

These little varmints can really dig a big hole. And I mean big ones! These look like he or she is excavating for a basement or something.

Some of my plants are discarded like they mean nothing to the little varmints! Hey, I am making the garden look pretty. But it is not for you to dig and play “underground fort” and spray my dirt all over!

Don’t know if it is a gang of squirrel teenagers (or Wildlings)  just looking to vandalize my favorite hypertufa troughs or what. But what can I do about it?

squirrel-sneaking - the hypertufa gardener

I don’t want these squirrels to undermine the roots and cause my plants to die, but how can they be stopped? It seems this large deep trough is the one they think they want to dig in the most. And of course, they are digging under one of my most favorite plants, the Erodium. ( Yes, it is blooming strong. I am so getting me more of this plant. I bought seven this year. )

This solution seemed to work last year.

There are a lot of holes dug into the garden especially around the edges. These seem to tunnel everywhere. And I assume they are chipmunks. I hope they are not snake holes or anything like that.

We have had a snake in the woods behind the house.  ( or maybe it was a Dragon.)  If I remember correctly, they said it was a rat snake. That was a scary experience. I read that they are not poisonous, but that their bite is very painful! Don’t want to find that out firsthand!

We just watched and my husband handled the rat snake and moved it to a stone/brick pile and let it hide there. I hope it doesn’t poke its head out at me sometime when I am getting some stone. I hope it is miles away by now. ( I have a large pile of different retaining wall stone, pavers, bricks, etc that we buy, construct, change my mind, tear down, put it up again. Wonder why my husband gets so annoyed with me?)

Just look at this guy smirking at me! I think it could have a scarred face on that one side. I might be The Hound. He is both good and bad, right. Like these varmints. 

“Nothing you do will stop me!” he says.  Sadly, he’s right.

squirrel waiting for a chance to dig - The Hypertufa Gardener
I think I see a burned, scarred face. Is it “The Hound?”

I wish I knew how to keep the squirrels and chipmunks from digging, but that is about the same as trying to get the dogs from barking or the birds from flying. It’s what they do. Let me know if you have any advice.

And try the Game of Thrones. You will like it. Meanwhile I will fight my Game of Gardens.


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