image of small clawfoot tub & we'll make it into a bathtub planter

String of Pearls Bathtub Planter – Tub of Green Bubbles

Several months ago, I think on Facebook, I saw a cute photo of a Bathtub planter. It was planted up with String of Pearls and looked like a bubble bath. There was even a doll’s head stuck in the end to make it look as if she was taking a bath. So Cute!

I haven’t been able to find a mold that I think would work perfectly to produce the same planter in hypertufa, but I found a great item to make into a planter to use for now!

image of my hand picking up Bathtub Planter at thrift store
Found a Bathtub Planter at the Goodwill

Isn’t this just great? With a few modification that I will show you in the video, I can make my own String of Pearls Bathtub Planter. But I am going to need a lot of String of Pearls.

Luckily, I know how to root String of Pearls easily as I showed you in a recent post. There fore, I have rooted a lot of them for this new planter.

closeup image of String of Pearls chain rooting in water in a shot glass

Reviving Old Dying String of Pearls

As I was trimming some String of Pearls for my Bathtub Planter, I thought that I should mention those strands of Pearls that seem dried and beyond help. Don’t just discard them!

Cut them as you would normally for rooting and put them in water the same way. Those dried Pearls will re-hydrate and take root just like the fresher cuttings will. I should have taken a series of photos of those, but some of these later ones will have to do.

images of String of Pearls rooting in water for planting in my bathtub planter
See how those strands just plumped back up?

Finding A Bathtub Planter

As you will see in the video, I found this Bathtub Planter in the Goodwill Store and only paid $1.99 for it. I could see the potential for it becoming a cute planter for String of Pearls to give that illusion of a bubble bath.

I couldn’t find a doll head that was just the right size to match my bathtub planter. It is about 6.5 inches long and 4 inches wide and every doll head that I could find and compared seemed too big. Someday I will find one!

image of cute Bathtub Planter all ready to plant

So I finally decided that I would just go ahead to plant anyway, without a doll’s head in my bubble bath. It is a bath just drawn so that my lady doll can get into it when she is ready. That’s my story!

My String of Pearls was all ready, in fact past ready, when I finally found time for the planting. See my video for how this all turned out. Meanwhile we prepped our Goodwill find into an actual planter.

image of drill press working on making this into a bathtub planter

Making The Thrifted Tub Into A Planter

First of all, I needed the little tub to be big enough inside to have room for a plant such as my String of Pearls.

It seemed to be a votive candle holder set-up since the small cutout inside was just what would fit a small votive candle.

Found A Bathtub Planter At Thrift Store - Made a Bathtub Full of String of Pearls "Bubbles"

It needed to be opened so that I could put a plant inside. So here is where the Drill Press came into the prep. I guess it could have been done with a Dremel tool also, but since we have a Drill Press in the basement, why not use it?

You saw me drill planters on it before. If a vessel doesn’t have a hole, get one put into it! Never pass up a cute vessel if it doesn’t have a hole in it already,

image of ground out bathtub planter from using rotary file on drill press

This small Bathtub Planter seems to be made of a resin material which is some kind of plastic polymer, so it is possible for it to be drilled. My husband used a rotary file on the drill press. The shavings that some off it look like soap flakes. It is very easy to drill. Outdoor pots made of this resin can be drilled also to give them drainage all year.

My Final Result on The Bathtub Planter

I am so pleased with the String of Pearls in the Bathtub Planter. In the video, you will see the pole and hook that are suspended over the tub, and I found a small ceramic basket to hang there and add more String of Pearls.

Image of Bathtub Planter & tiny basket suspended on pole/hook planted with String of Pearls

Overall, I think my project turned out well, and I am hoping the String of Pearls will grow well inside the Bathtub Planter. I will definitely keep it trimmed to keep the illusion of a Bubble Bath via String of Pearls.

Just goes to show you what you can accomplish with a great find at a Thrift Store and let your imagination go wild. Be sure to check out the video and PIN your favorite images on your Houseplant Board.

image of full view of Bathtub Planter with its little hanging basket


  1. Beautiful. Next time I am out shopping at my favorite stores, I will look for unique planters. Thanks a million for sharing.

    1. You are so welcome, and thank you for reading.

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