closeup of amaryllis bloom

7 Baby Amaryllis Bulbs Growing – Future Spring Project

I have some Baby Amaryllis bulbs forming! These seem to be growing from those amaryllis bulbs that I got for $1 on the Christmas season of 2021 and now I guess they all are pregnant!

Knowing nothing about baby amaryllis, I have done some research and it all sounds so exciting, I just had to share.

4 mother amaryllis bulbs in two planters
I planted these after Christmas for Valentine blooms.

These are bulbs that I have saved from over a year ago and all four have spent the summer of 2022 outside.

Even though they didn’t bloom in the summer ( I have had that occur here in Ohio), the leaves grew very full and healthy apparently feeding the bulbs well.

pot of 4 amaryllis bulbs in summer

In the above photo, I have all four bulbs planted in a large planter (with great drainage). The amaryllis was in a lot of sun all day, but was shaded by the house during the later afternoon.

All that sun seemed to keep it healthy and the leaves grew huge. As you will see in the video, when I went to clean them and pot them up for winter, new baby amaryllis bulbs were forming! Three of them !

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More Baby Amaryllis Bulbs Coming!

It seems that I have quite a few more bulblets or offsets coming from these Amaryllis bulbs. I can count those three that I saw when getting them ready for winter bloom.

But since then, I have seen four more new baby amaryllis bulbs coming. I will be able to verify that when I pot them up in May to spend the summer outside.

Amaryllis with 3 babies

Researching baby amaryllis bulbs, I find that it could probably be a couple (or more) years before I get a bloom on the new bulbs, but I will just try and be patient.

Perhaps you might like to try seeds? Seeds from amaryllis take even longer to get blooms. These pods will develop the seeds but if I allow them to dry to harvest, it takes energy from the whole plant. I would rather it use energy to store up in the Mother bulb.

seed pod forming on withered amaryllis flower

Besides that, the seeds would take years and years to develop a bulb then further along finally bloom. I am not that patient!

Disease on Amaryllis Bulbs or Plants

As you may have seen in the video, I saw red blotches on the leaves of my Amaryllis. I don’t know for sure, but this could be Red Blotch , a fungus disease called “red blotch” or “leaf scorch” (Stagonospora curtisii).

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Checking out the fungicides, I am ordering Bonide Captain Jack’s Copper Fungicide since I have used Bonide products before and really trust them. Hopefully this will help the problem.

Bud emerging from amaryllis bulb

As for any fungus or mold problem, making sure I have a really well-draining soil will help to reduce the spread or help in the treatment of this problem.

Therefore I won’t use a saucer under the pots outside nor will I use the type of pot that has a “built-on” saucer. Water needs to wash through and OUT of the baby amaryllis bulbs….and their Moms too!

Red Amaryllis in bloom

Planting 7 Baby Amaryllis Bulbs In Spring

I will have to make a new post and video when I can plant these Babies in spring. Here in Ohio that should be about mid-May.

Be sure to check back for an update then. But meanwhile, these will be on a sunny window sill or table close to a window so that they can absorb all the light possible.

And I will feed them too! Maybe some Osmocote that I already have. Gotta get those Baby amaryllis plump and big for next winter!


  1. delores carrizales says:

    i bought at the end of the Christmas season, 1/2 price, leaves cut down to the bulb. just wanted something green in the place, it started to grow, got 4 large red flowers. i thought it was finished, did nothing to it, it started to grow again right away, got 3 more large red flowers. the last flower is still on, what do i do next? never had an amaryllis before. HELP

    1. Just like I did mine in the post and in the video, once flowers are all done, cut stalks off but leave the leaves to grow all year. Put them in a sunny window or outside. Then late in the year when the tops are dying or killed off by a light frost, put them inside in a dark/cool area. I transplant mine into fresh soil but you don’t have too. Clean off the top growth and wait to see new growth. When you see new growth, put the pot out into your warm room again and wait for more flowers! Or even for new babies to grow!

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