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ZZ Plants – A Set It & Forget It Plant

For a long time, I have watched for ZZ plants selling here in my area, and I have finally hit the jackpot this spring. I am seeing them all over the place. What made them appear finally? Who knows but I snagged two pots in my last Plant Haul. Wish fulfilled.

I have read up on the care of these plants and they sure seem to be a Set-It & Forget-It plant. Low light, low water needs, not fussy – Hey now, that’s a plant that I can love. And it is so attractive with strong glossy green leaves that look shiny all the time. No need for any special spray. ( In fact, those sprays are not good for a plant anyway.)

ZZ Plants - Easy House Plants to Grow, but beautiful and shiny leaves to enhance any setting.

Plant Pick: ZZ Plants (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)

  • Can be grown in Moderate to Low Light (slower growth in low light)
  • Can suffer sunburn in sunlight
  • Water needs are low (see the large rhizomes in video)
  • Outdoors for Zone 10-12 in filtered sun
  • Propagate by division of rhizomes (quicker) or leaf rooting (long process)
  • Water only when dry 3-4 inches down into pot (or use Moisture Meter)
  • Grows 2-3 foot tall & wide, has been known to grow 4-5 ft also
  • Table plant or floor plant when larger
  • Shiny glossy leaves, upright but tend to arch outward when older
ZZ plants are great on table top or floor plants

Similar to a snake plant or Sanseveria, these plants can survive for long periods without water. That is why I refer to them as a Set-it & Forget-it Plant. It is much better for these plants to be neglected and not be watered for long periods of time than to water them each week because you just have to try out that cute new little watering can you just bought.  I know, I have been there. Don’t assume they are thirsty! I have a Moisture Meter that I can put into my pots, but I will need to be careful not to stick it into those big potato-like water reservoirs that these plants have. I was so surprised at the size of them. And these are relatively small plants!

No wonder they outgrow their pots in a few years! Am I right? I may just have to dig and re-pot out of curiosity!

These are the reason zz plants can go a long time without water, they have their own reservoirs

My daughter and I made a video of repotting the ZZ Plants from their original nursery pots. These seem to be an easy care houseplant based on all I have read about them. They can be a low light houseplant, but grow faster in medium or higher light. But don’t put them in direct sunlight or right next to a window or they will get sunburned.

ZZ Plants - It's Incredible! A Set-It and Forget-It plant...Almost!

These ZZ plants go by many names such as the Welcome plant, Zanzibar Gem, ZuZu plant, or Emerald Palm. I really like that name Emerald Palm since its leaf stalks remind me of a palm. They really define a tropical look if that is what you are going for in your decor.

I am really pleased with my new potted ZZ Plants in the corner of the dining room/living room. Maybe I will get more to put in the family room? Since these are succulent plants, I think I really need to have a lot of them to do research, right? At least that can be my excuse to get more or propagate more.  It is said you can put a leaf with its stem into soil and it will develop roots in about 30 days but could take at least a year to develop the rhizome which allows it to be viable. I may do an experiment on that. Or at the least, if a leaf comes off, I will stick it in the soil at the base. Why not?

Yes, I am potting up more and more of the plants that I purchased in my Lowe’s Plant Haul and I have filmed a lot of them. So look for more videos in the future. Thanks for reading and be sure to enjoy and share the video!

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  1. My question is I have a water meter but I can’t find any plant guide that says what the moisture should be for this plant. Am I merely making sure the meter doesn’t read zero?

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